Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Camp Fig Part I

this marks our 3rd annual "Camp Fig" long weekend retreat to the Chapman's who are now, respectively, the Figueiredo's & Crouch's! we're pretty predictable in our schedule & we like it that way!! we arrive thursday afternoon {or evening if your stupid nav takes you 3 hours out of the way!!} & while the kids play off their cooped up car ride energy the adults catch up on life until we all crash for the night! then friday morning comes early with a run for the momma's followed by more playing for the kids & coffee talk over the newest & greatest craft/food/exercise/ect......this year was "pinterest" & "whole 30" & a possible gather for our next group 1/2 mary! then post lunch we round up our, total 8, kiddo's, throw some suits on, & off to the pool we go!
a visit here would NOT be complete without "official" stop-watch-timed-water-slide-races
they may have been twins separated at birth.....except for the fact that they 1 year apart
did you know that if you turn a swim cap inside out, fill it up with water, & drop it on the swimmers head it's the easiest way to put a cap on?? we didn't either.....don't ever say those Chapman girls can't teach new tricks
we return home just in time for showers before heading over {via 4-wheelers of course} to the Crouch's for an always DELICIOUS meal
next pioneer woman i tell you!!.....or p-w {pronounced p dub}
you know you're a mom when you have a stripe down the center of your chest cause long gone are the days of flipping ever 30 minutes {on the dot....ahem!} without your bathing suit top tied up around your neck
good things she cute cause sneaking hand-fulls of cheese doesn't fly at everyone's house
sometimes it just takes a forceful uncle to get you fed
or laugh till it hurts
the rest of the evening could find 7 EXTREMELY MATURE adults circled around a table playing this game......AND taking it EXTREMELY SERIOUS
or being silly......
and you could find 8 kids, 1 dog, 1 found frog, & countless fireflies outside playing freely!
SSSCCCCCREEACHHHH! all this dreaminess came to a halt when a 5 y/o passionate girl {maybe mine maybe not!} was told she could not take said frog home! AND just like that it was bedtime! BUT we, once again, left we memories of a perfect night!!


kristi said...

this post has me yearning for summer. x.

Heidi said...

this post has me yearning for next summer's adventure! We miss you! What a fun-filled weekend! Love how you fit all your pictures in one. Can't wait to see you in August or Sept! And Oct!

Charisa said...

Looks pretty awesome!! :)

Heather Fig said...

come back NOW!! LOVE & MISS YOU!!