Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ending to a perfect weekend.....

Fall had settled in that weekend & what a better to spend our last night together than Chili, cornbread, fire, & friends!
Fish cornbread for the kids.....
Some of us realized it was chilly.....
And some of us didn't.....where is your mother??
I feel the same way some days kid!
Bonfire equals Smores....no?
PERFECT weekend Crouch's!! We miss you. LOTS.

lounging, eating, playing

The 2nd day of our company being in town found us ALL sleeping till we could no longer sleep....which sounds dramatically l-o-n-g but we all slept till 845.....pretty great & typically rare! Followed by breakfast & actually lingering at the table to visit which seems rare at this house for breakfast! Dad's left for a mountain bike ride while mom's stayed back talking over coffee.......
& kids playing perfectly {no drama there....they really did!} in the background!
We put a semi colon on the talking long enough for showers & made our way downtown where there is always some fun to be had! 1st stopping for a quick bite at a fav place of ours "Good Dog"
Just the right amount of energy back in our bodies to then go PLAY!
These 2 girls are kindred spirits......& not just for the obvious hair color & height, nope their little spirits just connect!! It makes my heart happy. REALLY happy! I'm sure we're not in a boat alone but this youngest of mine seems to follow always 2 steps behind her older sister.....not on purpose it just is what it is with a bit of an age difference between them. Some things seem to breeze by her but other things she notices....heavily.....& in true Emery fashion, as she lives every once of her life passionately, those things she notices she's not quiet about! So we've recently tried to mix life up a bit for her & make her feel her own kind of special.....not her sister's special.
So without it being purposeful this weekend spent with our friends seemed to focus on these 2 blondies & it's just what the Dr ordered for her!! Sleep-over in HER room with HER friend. Matching hair-do's with HER friend. Walking shoulder to shoulder everywhere we went gabbing like teenagers with HER friend! You get the point! My heart was full for her!
We haven't been hill surfing in a while so it was over-do!
These 2 girls of mine aren't afraid of trying too many new things.....a few times down on their butt for a quick refresher & then on to bigger things......standing! We might need to look into a family skiing/snowboarding trip!
The twin was reluctant but you know her sister wouldn't let her leave without at least 1 trip down!
No worries about crashing....it just makes you laugh harder!
AND the more the merrier!
A park next to the hill was screaming for some kids so we gave in.....
Emery has been INFATUATED with monkey bars since school started......she's got it down pat! You can barely tell but can you see she's only holding on with 1 hand? Strong girl!
Not even sure I have words for this one.....to COOL for school!!
A stop off to another fav....Cool Swirl for some icecream before heading home!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We have some friends who really are like family & it's always easy to have fun together!! The only problem......we live in different states. BUT we try to see each other 1 to 2 times/year! It's fun to have something to look forward to right?! While they were here we took our annual trip to the Mayfield Pumpkin Patch.....no trouble at all to have fun there!! A little drive out to the country......ANNNNDDD the laughing, jumping, climbing, running, bouncing, swinging, hair blowing, dust flying, direction following, pumpkin pickin', rolling, silliness, peddling, milking FUN BEGAN!! Dusk settled in & it was hard for everyone to leave.....maybe mostly me.