Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cutting of the Christmas tree

This year we decided to try something a little different with the girls. Both Jon and I have wanted to take them out to a tree farm and pick/cut down our Christmas tree and so this seemed to be the perfect year! It was a beautiful day and a fun experience for all 4 of us!! Although not so "green" we did feel good about buying from a "local" this year! Also not the typical frasier fur that we are used to but something different!


Jon in action
Emery seems a bit too excited while holding the saw!!!
"Helping" daddy take the tree in
Tying it down.....
....and we're off!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving= Pig Out Day!!!

Jon's brother just bought a house a couple months ago and so this year we spent Thanksgiving at there! Thanksgiving was my holiday to work but I was called of the ENTIRE shift (THANK YOU L&D!!!) and feel very blessed to have spent the day with my family!! 

Thanksgiving aprons
Always being silly
....sometimes a little lovey!!
With there mamaw (Jon's grandma)...she just gave them each money!! She actually gave Kayden a $5 bill but when she went to give Emery 5 $1's Kayden thought Emery was getting more money and they each ended up with $3....and quite excited about it!!!
Watching uncle Adam get the turkey ready....quite funny as they were watching with Jon's grandma they kept saying gross!!! His grandma kept telling them, "it's ok we won't eat it until it's cooked"! Kayden kept Mamaw we don't eat meat!!!! They had their own special Tofurkey which was pretty good!
With Papa and Gran (Jon's parents)'s quite impossible for Em to pose with a smile and poor baby Lauren looks stunned!!! All in their Thanksgiving aprons/bib!

Squeezing daddy's cheeks off!!
Adam and me
Me and my Tay! She looked so cute and quite girly I might add AND she loved the outfit!!!
Sweet little Lauren Elisabeth....sucking her 2 middle fingers just like her big sissy!
....watching a movie in uncle Adam's bed
Fam shot! I'm pretty cheesy in many of these shots...guess happy to be with my family!
Seriously riding her bike!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spending the night at Aumie's

For those of you who don't know Aumie, let me introduce you to my mom! She wanted to be called gramie by Taylor but don't worry that a child will call you what they want! Actually due to Tay needing tubes in her ears when she was little and Kristi not realizing it, Taylor couldn't hear too well and thus we have Aumie! To this day Taylor thinks she only has one grandma and that being my grandma (Oma, which is her great-grandmother). When you ask her "then what is Aumie" she replies "Aumie". She truly does not consider her her grandma!!! So my mom has been really busy taking care of my grandma and the girls having been itching to spend the night!! So despite her crazy schedule they were able to spend the night Monday and of course loved every minute of it! Mom lets them tear the house down and there is no panicking (not that I EVER panic when they make HUGE messes at home!!!)! Tuesday they made Thanksgiving cookies. I was not there cause I had to work but mom did good taking pictures!

Tuesday morning eating breakfast! Emery is a GREAT breakfast eater and then not so much of an appetite for lunch and dinner 

Kayden on the other hand does not do too well eating breakfast but does better with lunch and dinner! One of the many opposite traits they carry!
Tea party for one!
Kayden loves dancing at any given moment! Mom was busy in the kitchen and when she came in the living room to check on her she had transformed her pj's into a fancy dance outfit and was dancing away!!
Dr Kayden and Dr pressure girls!
Just before putting cookies in the oven! Here is another opposite trait from her sister as you can see below! CANNOT get this child to look at the camera where as her sister is camera ready at ALL times!

....and the decorating begins!

Mom said Kayden frosted this apple with no prompting of colors and no assisting with getting it on perfectly!

They had soooo much fun mom!!! Thank you and we love you!!!

Sunday afternoon at the park

I had to work last Sunday and so that afternoon Jon took the girls to a playground and of course they had a blast! I was most impressed that Jon took the camera without any prompting from me!!


You can't really tell but she is swinging and not stepping on anything! She loves this!
Kayden made it to the top of the wall, went over, and climbed down the other side!! Needless to say her daddy was very impressed!!!
Emery's has just recently started enjoying a regular swing (we have a baby swing seat at home)!

Jon's 32nd year of life!!!

It was Jon's Birthday last Thursday.....yep I've procrastinated a bit it putting these pictures up! It was also our friends' daughter's birthday that same day and so we started the evening with a party for Lilly and ended with cake and cards at home for Jon! 

The girls playing 
Kayden rolling out of the sharks mouth!
Emery and Lilly stopping for a quick cheese!!
My mom made this YUMMY cake for Jon!
Singing Happy Birthday!
It's always a group effort when you have kids!!

Happy Birthday babe!!! We love you!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Saturday night we went over to our friends' house, the Gerhke's, to have a little get together for Jon's Birthday which is actually tomorrow!! It was a very cold night along with some rain but we stayed nice a warm with the blazing fire!!

The GREAT fire 
Some silliness begins!!
Jon and Adam used to have Olan Mill pictures taken when they were younger so they wanted to redo those pictures....just several years later!!!
Of course then all the guys had to join in!! Adam, Jon, Steve, and Chris
Stephanie (Chris's wife) made Jon cupcakes for his b-day and surprised him!! You guys are sooo sweet! Thanks for a fun evening!
Blowing out the candles
Cupcakes after a few raindrops hit them!
Steph and Me
Leigha and me! I totally looked sunburned but that fire was PIPING hot!!!
Leigha, me, and Stephanie
Jon and Ben laughing at each other!!
Adam trying to avoid the paparazzi!!!