Sunday, June 27, 2010

in the midst of good company

is always a yummy treat.

dancing in the rain
delicious food with delicious company
and almost forgetting that we brought the kids along
fire-fly hunting
while the momma's visited
devouring homemade blueberry pie
in only the MOST lady like of ways
while feeling free to self face paint
cause i think they knew they'd end up here
we left smiling and laughing and full! thanks fowlers and reardon's for a FUN saturday night

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daddy's Day

I was scheduled to work on Father's Day this year.....sad I know but we knew it ahead of time and planned to celebrate Saturday night with a special dinner.
Handmade cards
Fancy drinks
Grilled Ginger/Garlic Chicken
Parmesan Couscous
Summer Squash with Feta Cheese
a couple small gifts
for this special guy who daily caters to 3 needy girls and loves us to the fullest and strives to make us happy. ALWAYS. We LOVE LOVE LOVE him more than words can describe!
Then Sunday morning at 5AM we were happily surprised with a phone call from work to call me off! A gift in and of itself!
The day was ours to enjoy this special guy!
And it went something like this: *sleeping in, morning run by Jon, and brunch not pictured!*
We ended the day at Jon's parents house to celebrate a new dad *their uncle*
and a papa *Jon's dad*
and two little girls finished the day off with doing the dishes to give their day the "day off"!
I seem to be thinking about my own dad lately, not understanding how he chose to walk away from us years and years ago and seemingly never look back. Does he think about us? Does he want to call but feels bad? Does he love us? Does he care about us? What would life be like with a dad? Would I look up to him? Would he be my "hero"? My mind is left to wonder. But how thankful I am to have a mother who was quickly forced into a duel parenting role and did an AWESOME job! AND even better than that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me greater than ANYONE could ever love me......he knows my "why's" and "what if's" and more than likely I will never know the answers to those questions until Heaven.....

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's been raining here. A WHOLE BUNCH. But I must say the beauty and wonder of God's creations *all 3 above* make the rain a little more bearable....and a good excuse for afternoon book reading in bed quickly followed by a nap!

Friday, June 18, 2010


......turn frowns upside down{s}!
we had a bad day yesterday. BAD. I raised my voiced FAR too much. they did not listen FAR too much. we have these days. the bad ones. here and there. i'm just glad we have better days than bad. these scattered bad days still make me question my parenting skills.....i think thats normal though.
BUT when the man of this house walks through that front door it brings about some relief.....for all 3 of us. i can let go of the parenting for the night. i have back up. they have back up {!}. he reminds me of what's really worth getting upset over and what's not. the night ended well.....lots of laughing.....cause clowns can make you do that.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dance Recital

"Another Wonderful Year" of dance has once again come to a close and last weekend the girls were able to show off everything they've worked so hard on this year!
They love everything about this night.....dressing up, make up, dancing, their biggest fans out in the audience watching intently while grinning from ear to ear, getting's a night all about them! *i'd be lying if i didn't add in that they HATE the curling of hair(!) but love the end result*
in their 2nd year they dance to a song called "Daddy's Little Girl"'s a tear jerker but somehow this feisty blondie still made us laugh
Kayden's Jazz performance: "Disney Medley"
a really fun song for her
"Oh let's all dance like a daisy".......
"a daisy".....
"a bright yellow *or pink(!)* daisy"......
they always perform 1 big number in which multiple classes are involved, this year was the "Jungle Book" and Kayden's class were the elephants
we should have tried a picture at the beginning!
Kayden's teacher who she adores
a few of their fans!
the end of the year comes with a little sigh of relief as we ALL enjoy a small break for the summer! but they are always excited when August roles around again and it's time to dust of the ballet, jazz, and tap shoes!