Friday, June 18, 2010


......turn frowns upside down{s}!
we had a bad day yesterday. BAD. I raised my voiced FAR too much. they did not listen FAR too much. we have these days. the bad ones. here and there. i'm just glad we have better days than bad. these scattered bad days still make me question my parenting skills.....i think thats normal though.
BUT when the man of this house walks through that front door it brings about some relief.....for all 3 of us. i can let go of the parenting for the night. i have back up. they have back up {!}. he reminds me of what's really worth getting upset over and what's not. the night ended well.....lots of laughing.....cause clowns can make you do that.

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Heather Figueiredo said...

Dads coming home make everyone happy. Like we can exhale! Backup has finally arrived! I love it when Phil gets home.

Love these pics of the girls. I never get tired of seeing all their silliness!!