Monday, June 7, 2010


This city of ours that we love
which provides a Sunday market free of charge to meander through at your own leisure
or dance cause you just can't be still through great music
or get your turn at being the "LEAD DRUMMER"
or find steps upon steps with water cascading
to run up and down or jump up and down or just sit
or find yourself at the bottom to swim around a wading area
or walk down, hand in hand with your daddy, to the riverfront to see shooting water and eagles (or blue heron.....but i like to think emery saw an eagle!!!)
or see interesting art on walls while laughing with AND at your kids for brushing up on their face making skills
OR painted meters scattered throughout downtown......not the kind to pay for parking but the kind which gives ALL proceeds to our homeless people
and none of the above cost me a single penny! just a fun Sunday afternoon with these happy/content girls......even though it was pouring down rain!
just a few more reasons why we have NO intentions of leaving this city!


greenchickadee said...

Man, we miss that city so much! And for all those reasons too! So glad you had a fabulous day and looking forward to meeting up with you to play and enjoy Chatty again soon!

The Hadfields said...

I love this post and I LOVE Chattanooga!