Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My best friend from high school came into town to visit her mom over Christmas and we were able to catch up Sunday's always good to be together since we live far apart!!! 

Kristi and Heather
We went to a new restaurant in downtown Chattanooga....very cool...everything was black and white!
Me and Heath

Monday, December 29, 2008

Visit with Gram

I got an unexpected phone call this morning asking if I wanted off of work and I jumped at the opportunity!!! So we decided to go and spend the day with my grandma! Just a little update since I haven't been able to....she is now at home from the rehab facility and is doing pretty good. She definitely is not the grandma we knew prior to the stroke.... in some ways. That being she requires someone to be her at all times, unlike the very independent person she used to be. She cannot sleep alone, walk alone, shower alone, fix her meals, ect. She still has a pretty good memory and loves telling story's from her childhood, Germany, her family, and most of all her Grandpa!! She still loves phone calls, visitors, and mail! God has richly blessed her with many great friends and family who call, visit, and write!!! God found a perfect caretaker for Gram and she lives, full time, with her minus 2 days a week off. Her name is Marilyn and she has a little dog named Gidget, which mind you my Grandparents have never had indoor animals...EVER! But Gidget is very protective of Gram and loves her already! Mom also has moved in with them for now and is trying to get back to work. We just take one day at a time and cherish the days we have with her!!!! I was able to sit with her today and she told me some stories which I love to listen to when there is an opportunity! So continue to pray, some days are better than others and God has a special plan for her!

My sweet Gram
She was just clinging to my hand today and rubbing it while telling me stories...
We got her out to walk for about 20-30 feet and then she sat in her wheelchair! She was feeling really good today and did very well walking! This is Marilyn with her!

Mom pushing Emery on her bike

Gram lives in the back of her neighborhood so as we neared the house Mom started racing her around in circles.... it was precious!! The 3 of us were just laughing, those sweet moments have become soooo special to us!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


OK....this is my one and only short speech about recycling!! Laugh, make fun if you will but maybe in reading this blog it will get you to consider recycling if you don't already!! Start simple....cans, milk containers...anything to get you going! Jon, the girls, and I recently went full force with this and CANNOT believe all that we have put into the trash over the years!!! Craziness!!!! You too can make the world a better place one can at a time!!!!!!

Serah's Wig Party!!

My GREAT friend Serah (which I lovingly call her but it really is just Sarah) celebrated her 30th B-day and had a wig party! It was quite hilarious and at first hard to recognize a few people!!

The Labor and Delivery crew! 
Austin Powers and his big haired wife!
Mike (Serah's husband) with the not so combed over comb over, me and Serah!
Me and the B-day girl!
Ang, me and Megs
Jon and I are really dorks....deep's our hidden secret!

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas!!! We were not awakened with our usual alarm clock of Kayden getting into our bed or Emery calling out from her bed to come and get her.  Rather the squealing of Kayden's  voice running into our room..."he came...he really came"!!!

Emery opening up her Bitty Baby (from American Girl)

The joy of a simple tooth brush!!
Kit Kitridge's (American Girl) scooter
Daddy's new sunglasses and ornament!
The girls enjoyed the morning of playing with all their new gifts and Jon's family came over later that day  with more presents and we had dinner together!

Clothes from Gran and Papa
New baby clothes
Jon's parents are in the process of buying a new house and so after eating dinner we went to see it! This is the view behind the house...gorgeous!!!

Dancing in the yard!

It was a great day and gorgeous weather but definitely did not feel like Christmas weather! We ended the evening with visiting Jon's other Grandma! Can't believe it's over, it goes all too quickly but I feel blessed to be so busy with family.....some people don't have that! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and may the year ahead be filled with lots of GOOD STUFF!!!

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas with my side of the family on Christmas Eve. We went to my Grandma's house because my mom has moved in with her to help take care of her. Again a special evening because she was home and we had another year with her...even though she wasn't feeling good and the kids can obviously bring some chaos into the house....she smiled just to have them in her house!!

Jon playing with Taylor's new electric guitar from Aumie
Mom's little tree she found that was perfect fit for grandma's house!
Matching sweater dresses from Aumie
Perfect book for Kayden!!
We were a big hit with the neice.....electric scooter!!!
Auntie Kristi was a big hit with her nieces as well!!! Baby Stuff!!!
My sweet little Lauren! Big girl sitting up....or propped up!

Mom and got her a "fancy" hot pink robe! She looks good here for not feeling good!

Keyboard from Aumie...thank you MOM!!!

BIG WHEELS....princess style!!!!! We loved these as kids!
The girls were totally into Santa this year and it was sooo much fun to watch them. After we left my grandma's we came home to get "ready" for Santa! The girls sprinkled oats and glitter pieces out front so the reindeer could find our house!

"Please Santa I promise I've been good"!!
Tracking Santa on the computer with daddy!
Setting out cookies and milk by the fireplace! Kayden put a little play mouse on the plate and one next to the cup of milk so no one would bother Santa's goody's! 
"OOOOO I think I heard something"!!!

Kayden's "real" Birthday!

Kayden's "real" birthday was 12/20. So we typically have a party with her friends a week before (cause Christmas) and then on her actual birthday we do a family celebration! This year her birthday fell on Saturday so we went to church, then over to my Grandma's (she just came home from rehab the Wednesday before) house for lunch, presents, and cupcakes! It was a special day because it was her birthday but even better that my Grandma was around another year to be apart of her life!

Showing me how old she is! She said she felt older!!! 
At church, such a big girl!
Always will be a daddy's girl!
Singing Happy Birthday at Sabbath School
New Fancy Nancy shoes from Aumie

Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you....

New Fancy Nancy Doll from Aumie
Harness, chalk bag, and climbing shoes from mommy and daddy!!!
Playing Fancy Nancy game from Aumie