Monday, December 15, 2008

Kayden's 5th Birthday!

I CANNOT believe my child is almost 5!!! I think I say that with each of my daughters' birthday's! Kayden has always been very opinionated about her birthday's and this year was no different! Her Auntie Kristi introduced her to "Fancy Nancy" a few years ago and she has been hooked ever since. For those of you who know my sister she is a total girl (wanted so badly for her Taylor to be a girly girl and she is the complete opposite!). So Kayden holds an extra special place in her heart because Kayden is very princessEEE!!! Fancy Nancy goes out of her way to wear fancy clothes at all times (no matter if that match or not) say fancy things. Some of Kayden's favorite fancy words are fuchsia, for purple, posh which is fancy for fancy, and our newest one 'tres which is fancy for very!!! We went to a pottery painting place and the kids had a great time!!

Us with our fancy Kayden!
Fancy Lauren!
Her cousin who would not dare wear princess clothes but did have a very cute skirt on!!
Uncle Adam 
Her fancy cake!
One of her friends from school! This is soooo precious....while getting dressed he told his parents he wanted to look "really sharp" for this party and dressed himself!!!
Gracie Bleu and Emery Grae
Painting her flip-flop
Emery painting  a wooly lamb
The auntie responsible for all of Kayden's fanciness!
Kayden with her Gran and Mamaw
Larry with Hudson
Blowing out her candles
Always ready for a pose....!!!! Happy Birthday Kayden Helena Hughes!!!! We love you!!!


The Hadfields said...

I can't believe you have a 5 year old. She is so pretty, Kera. Looks like a great party!

Erika Reiner said...

5???!!!??? What? Oh Fancy! What a cute idea! Now all she needs is aunt Steph to send down a fur coat to complete her posh ensemble. haha! love you tons! Cute pics!