Monday, December 15, 2008

E-kids Christmas Program

The girls had their annual Christmas program with E-kids, the daycare that they go to. It usually is funny just cause kids are kids and have no inhibitions but this year seemed even funnier!!!

Emery, just getting on stage and realizing her family was here!!!

Kayden, snow ballerina's 
Kayden has been going to E-kids since she was about 3 months old and so this has been her 2nd home in ways! Ms Gay Lynn  was her first caretaker in the "butterfly" room and we absolutely adored her. She is PRECIOUS!!!
Kayden is now in pre-school and sadly her last year at E-kids. Below is her WONDERFUL teacher Ms Karen who Kayden absolutely adores!!!!

Gran and Papa came out to watch the fun night!
My sweet niece!

Family portrait....I often wonder how many of these we take! One day when the kids are gone I'll probably sit around crying looking at how little they were!!! Am I feeling a little sentimental today or what?!!!
Rock on!!! Kayden actually did this herself and so Kristi didn't want to look out of place
Aumie and Cheeto face Emery Grae
Santa stopped by.....Lauren's not too sure what to think!

Kayden telling her last minute wishes
Emery went from screaming last year at the sight of Santa to being enthralled with him this year!


Erika Reiner said...

Ooooh fun! Cracks me up with Kayden and her ROCK ON!!! I look forward to evenings at our kid's Christmas shows. fun stuff!

The Hadfields said...

Sophie goes to my hospital's daycare too. All of the activities are so much fun!! Great pics.