Monday, June 29, 2009


As you can see below I am quite behind in this blog......oops!! This is Kayden's 3rd year of taking tap/ballet class and Emery's 1st! It was, again, a fun year! Not sure if this will be life long for them but for now they both, overall, enjoy heading downtown to Karen Horton's every Monday afternoon for 45 minutes of dancing! Emery was a little early in starting for her age but once she got going she her own timing of course! This is not only about dancing but also about discipline.

So a few Saturday evenings ago we headed down to the gorgeous Tivoli for their recital!! It can definitely have the feeling of "those mom's" who put their VERY young children in beauty competitions and that is the part of the rehearsal/recital that I do not care for! Other than that small part it is fun to watch the girls perform ALL they have learned through out this past year!
My Em's who thoroughly loathed every part of this outfit! From her curly hair to the "sparkly" (itchy) outfit! Pretty funny stuff!
One of Kayden's dance's was about pirates and so each mom came up with their own rendition of a pirate! We of course had to go girly pirate! I made the tutu and was quite excited with the way it turned out! Last minute we realized we didn't have an eye patch. This artsy child went and found black construction paper along with stretchy string and whipped one up! 

I know these years won't last.....

we'll be taking pictures of them with their friends and fighting to get JUST ONE with us and them!!!
Gran and Papa
Of course a poser....all on her own!
Love this...

Her class danced to "Hula Baby"'s hilarious!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sooo grateful for this DAD!

I grew up without a father in my life, I've mentioned this before (and most reading this know that). I try NOT to dwell on negative things because there are so many in life you really could live a horribly sad life! Instead there is good in MOST everything and THAT is what I choose to dwell on! I have had someone I say "Happy Father's Day" to every year for some time now....not a man at's my Mom! She has been my mom and dad! I also considered my grandfather to be a HUGE "father figure" in my life. I adored and looked up to him. He adored us and I miss him greatly....epsecially on these particular days! So on this Father's Day as I said our morning breakfast pray, I could have felt sorry for myself but instead I THANKED God Sunday morning for a WONDERFUL husband, and most importantly on this day, for a WONDERFUL Daddy to our girls! I also have a Wonderful Father in Heaven who I am thankful for!!!!

The girls and I woke up Sunday morning and quietly shut the door to our bedroom to let Daddy sleep in. This typically does not happen, when 1 is up we all get up! The 3 of us made brunch, homemade cards, and picked fresh flowers from our flower garden for the table!

Kayden set the table.....

Emery Grae helped give the fruit some extra love (a touch of honey)......

.....and we sat down to eat some yummy strata and fresh strawberry's and fun conversation!

We then headed out to our local Farmer's Market to get some local/fresh/organic produce for the week.....the girls enjoyed some rock climbing, hula hooping, sorbet, and more!

Shakin' those hips!

Mom and Lauren met us there.....Jon captured this funny face as her Auntie felt it necessary to give her a bite of some strawberry sorbet!!! DON'T tell her mommy!!!!

I pray for years and years and years of Father's Day celebrations with my husband and girls!

We then made our way over to Jon's parents house for a delicious late lunch! They purchased an old fashion homemade ice cream maker......soooooo many memories from my childhood! Kayden pretty much turned the handle the entire time and we enjoyed yummy, creamy, sweet vanilla/peach ice cream!!!!

Jon's dad sporting the visor the girls gave him!

We ended the day with a couple hours of swimming! It was a perfect Father's Day and again I am very thankful for my husband who is a great dad!!!! Happy Father's Day again JON HUGHES!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Toofless wonder!!!

We have had quite the eventful week of doctor and dentist appointments! On Monday Kayden had her 5 year check up (a little late)/physical for kindergarten! That meant shots.....4 of them with a possibility of needing to come back for a 5th one! I thought this was going to be quite traumatic and so we went..... just the 2 of us! She was beyond FANTASTIC and didn't shed a single tear, so ice cream was enjoyed that afternoon! Then yesterday we went back to the doctor for Emery's 3 year check up (also late!!!) where she and Kayden both recieved a shot! Emery also did GREAT and also did not cry! They are both VERY healthy girls and are proving to have TALLNESS in their futures......especially Emery who is 95% in her height! No stopping there.....we moved right on to the dentist where Kayden had a tooth pulled. **Let me just tell the tale of what brought us to this day! When she was about 18 months old she was playing on a wooden highchair at daycare and fell. It knocked her tooth out enough to be quite noticeable (hanging down farther than all her other teeth along with having turned a greyish/yellow) yet not enough that it fell out. So for the last 4 years we have frequented the dentist office for them to keep a close eye on it. On her last visit it had become quite loose and was starting to hurt and so they informed us it was time to have it pulled.** She did get some meds before along with laughing gas and again did great! She got sick on the way home but slept the medication off and is back to her normal self this morning! 

Her first missing tooth but not quite the way we anticipated her 1st tooth to come out....

TF (tooth fairy) came to visit and left a little note along with a few dollars....even and little fairy dust was left behind! What a sweet lady she is!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This fun little thing called LIFE

........and we're lovin' every minute of it!!!

I wish that I could

squeeze these smiling 'til your face

hurts, laughing 'til your belly hurts, and

best time of your life moments up in a

little bottle and open that little bottle up

when they are grown and forget how carefree

life once was.........

Night Night

Last night as I was hugging Emery Grae good night I said "I love you" and she said "I love you mommy", followed by "I love your heart mommy"....."what color is it", I replied "red", "what does it do"? she said.....I made a swishing noise and explained how it pumped blood all through my body......and that was enough to satisfy her little mind!

Kayden found this outside yesterday

Monday, June 1, 2009


Friday night as I was putting the girls' hair in sponge rollers I felt very took me back to Michigan when we would visit my grandparents. Friday evenings after cleaned, lunch prepared for the next day, clothes ironed and ready for church, everyone freshly bathed, grandpa sitting in the living room reading with "Sabbath" music playing in the background, and sitting in my grandparents bedroom while my mom put my grandma's hair in these black prickly curlers attached with hair pins! Missing my grandparents horribly but loving that I have memories of them!