Monday, June 1, 2009


Friday night as I was putting the girls' hair in sponge rollers I felt very took me back to Michigan when we would visit my grandparents. Friday evenings after cleaned, lunch prepared for the next day, clothes ironed and ready for church, everyone freshly bathed, grandpa sitting in the living room reading with "Sabbath" music playing in the background, and sitting in my grandparents bedroom while my mom put my grandma's hair in these black prickly curlers attached with hair pins! Missing my grandparents horribly but loving that I have memories of them!


The Hadfields said...

That reminds me of being little. My mom always put my hair in curlers the night before church! I can remember sleeping in them and waking up with a sore head! Where can you buys those?? Wal-Mart, I guess?

greenchickadee said...

I totally remember ME having those soft pink rollers in my hair on Friday nights before church. And in the morning, my hair was a BOOF! Hilarious. I need to get some for Liv to play with. So much fun!

Heather Figueiredo said...

I only wish I were that prepared on Friday night for the upcoming church day :) I never wanted my hair curled- Thankfully God gave me boys that like their hair short.