Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We planned NOTHING this last weekend with intent of getting LOTS of yard work completed and we did just that! Shrubs manicured...heavily!! Front door and trim repainted (thanks to Jon's dad) with kick plate and new door bell installed!! Lots of flowers planted in beds, 3 hanging baskets off the back porch, various pots by the front door and also on the back porch! Square Foot Garden made and planted! We had a really great weekend being outside and the girls were able to play and play and play! They have MANY "ouchies" from falling and couple of them were pretty bad but nothing a big hug and some band aids couldn't fix! We were all filthy and tired at the end of each day but satisfied......each in our own ways!

The girls were playing with sidewalk chalk.....Kayden found a piece that had gotten wet.....she mashed it up and decided it would make some great blue gloves!!!

I grew up with my grandparents always having HUGE gardens.....loved to eat from them but quite honestly resented ALL the work involved to keep up with it, and mostly that equaled weeding!! I've grown up some and for the past couple years Jon and I have "talked" about POSSIBLY starting a small garden but it never went further than that!!! Recently my mom found a book that she graciously purchased for us on gardening in a much simpler fashion!! I read through it and decided we would give this idea a try, I must admit it was VERY simple which is exactly the point of this book!

We are going small this year and depending on the outcome (hoping for a great one!) we will plant more next year! Due to starting late we went with plants instead of seeds!

Then end result! Eggplant, 2 different kinds of tomatoes, zucchini and squash, cilantro, and red, yellow, green peppers!

We ventured out of the house on Monday (yeah for getting called off of work) and headed to Coolidge park for some water fountain play and a carousel ride! This is always fun for them but a little unnerving for me as I try to keep my eyes on them while my LOVE of people watching deters my attention!

Em HATED this fountain last year and rather chose to sit on the side and snack! This year a little braver stood by the water that was shooting out the smallest amounts possible!

Basking in the sun.....or wasn't the prettiest day!

Carousel ride! Daddy always is the chosen one to accompany the girls as this makes me quite dizzy! There is real history to this ride!


The Hadfields said...

Fun Memorial day! I want to start a garden too... :( Maybe some day I'll fool with starting my own. We'll see! Love the blue gloves and matching bathing suits!!

Heidi said...

So funny! Check out my blog- we went to the carousel on memorial day weekend too! Goodluck w/ the garden- looks a lot like mine! I'm already having to water mine a bunch... can't imagine what July will bring!

greenchickadee said...

What a great weekend. Totally our kind of fun too, unplanned and spontaneous! AND, one of my neighbors has that exact same garden. Must be the same book. Their garden is AWESOME and it's kind of pretty too. Hope it gives you tons of fun!

Heather Figueiredo said...

How is the garden? Most of our stuff is growing great, but watermelon still hasn't come up. And my cinlantro isn't doing very well. oh well. We can't wait to eat all the fresh veggies!!!