Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Terrarium FUN!!!

With the idea from a fellow blogging friend and a visit to a great used book store on Sunday where we purchased a VERY cool 70's book we put together a Terrarium this morning!!!! On Sunday Jon, the girls, and I went to a used book store called Grumpy' name I think! The girls and I headed straight back to the kids section where we found and purchased 4 fun books straight from the 60's and then the book below from the 70's.....this one was on teaching about indoor gardens and terrarium's was one of the featured chapters!! So we found a very inexpensive glass container with lid along with a couple plants to place inside from a local nursery (I found out after the purchase we really could have found everything we needed in the woods rather than spending money but such is the learning experience)......everything else we found in the VERY SMALL woods behind our house! We had fun on the "scavenger" hunt to find things for our container along with putting it all together...not to mention it's a gorgeous day here in TN!! This is also a great time to talk to your kids about the ecosystem! 

My mom informed me, after showing her this book, that terrariums where a BIG thing when we were little (which was about the date of copyright).....even more enjoyable then to be sharing this idea with MY girls! 

Finished sitting on the kitchen table! The girls were very proud!! 
I am now on the search for a little gnome to "man" these living quarters....
I then headed out front to let the girls play while I started working on getting the front flower bed ready for some pretty flowers! I know I'm a bit late but we've just been tied up and we're hoping this coming weekend is as pretty as today to get in lots of yard work! NOT to mention the torrential rains we've been dealing with and of all things it's been in the low 40's at night for about a week now!!! Crazy weather! So maybe the weather has given me the excuse for not planting anything yet! 

My child who loves ALL insects and worms and YUCKY stuff!!! 
Excuse the nakedness but please beware that there will be plenty more "exposure" over the summer blogging months!!! My kids HATE clothes and that's one battle I choose to loose! 
Then we surprised dadddy with a trip to the recycling place to rid of our month collections! The girls have lots of fun helping! 

It's been a good day.....only 4:00 but they are both sound asleep! I'm gonna shower and snuggle up on the couch for a little nap myself! Hope you've had a GREAT day too!!!!

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