Friday, August 29, 2008

My Dancing Girls!

Kayden has been in dance for 2 years now (this is the beginning of her 3rd year)! Emery of course follows her sister's every move and that includes trying to keep up with all of Kayden's latest dance moves! She has been wearing Kayden's old tap shoes (even to bed and to daycare!!!). So even though she's a 1/2 year to young to start, the dance studio said we could give it a try! She's kinda participating....doing a great job of staying on her piece of tape!!! But it's fun to have them both in class and this year we went all out in pink! They both HAD to have pink ballet and pink tap shoes! Oh Jon's wallet is only starting to hurt!!

***On a little side note Jon's grandma (on his dad's side) had to have above the knee amputation this morning. Surgery went well but please keep her in your prayers as she recovers and deals with this type of surgery. Thanks!

We are also leaving for our annual family vacation to Cape Hatteras, NC! Yeah!!!! We are all very excited and praying for good weather and that my twin sister keeps that little baby inside her belly while we are there! We did find a 2 bed Labor and Delivery Unit if needed! (hahaha to all my L&D girls!!!!) Much Love- Kera

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So my mom called me yesterday concerned that I didn't remember how old I was! Not sure where my head was when I posted the last blog....possibly in denial about turning a year older!!! So just to clear things up were turned 33!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Working and 23!

As another year comes and goes & Kristi and I are 1 year older, I am always so very thankful to be able to share my birthday with my best friend! This time of year brings some sadness in that we lost our grandpa 2 years ago. But we have only the fondest of memories and one of the many is that with everyone of his birthday's celebrated he would turn his years around. So in memory of him Kristi and I celebrated our 23rd birthday!!! This year was a little different though. I'm not typically labeled a princess but the one princess thing that I do is I NEVER work on my birthday!!! This year turned out to be different and I had to work. But my family brought the celebration to work and we had a great lunch and our favorite homemade cheesecake! (Thanks mom!!!!)

Bestest Twins~

Someone in our family has to do the half mast eyes!
Nest year we'll have another girl addition!
My beautiful Mom, although I know she'll hate me for this picture!

Dinosaur Sundae's

We had a great weekend (minus the fact that I had to work on my Birthday!!) and yesterday ended in dinosaur sundae's! It was a perfect evening with the wind blowing just enough to keep you cool and so we decided to take the girls for ice cream! Love those moments where the simple things in life just make you feel so "full" that you could squeeze them in a bottle to save!!!! Last night were one of those moments!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Distorted Hughes Family Pictures!!!

We had some fun playing with the computer camera! Some of these pictures (the ones of Jon and I really) are quite scary but the girls were absolutely cracking up!

So introducing the Hughes Family....


It's always fun to be able to get together with your very best girlfriends.....especially when you live miles away! Talking into the wee hours of the morning, waking up together and drinking coffee talking again! Going shopping, eating food, food, and more food....and talking some more! But really the best part for me is hysterically laughing at each other.....sometimes not really even knowing why your laughing! Erika Freeland is about to become a MRS! and so we were able to get together a couple weeks ago to celebrate her upcoming wedding! Had an absolute blast with old and new friends!

The Queen of the night!
I don't know either!!
Soon to be Mrs. Reiner!
1 of several dance moves.....
Help I can't get up!
Serious conversation!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Orlando Trip

So trying to catch up on life! Jon had a business trip in Orlando a few weeks ago and so we decided to tag along and make a weekend trip of it! We played in the pool (they also had a lazy river which we fell in love with) everyday! I took the girls to Disney and we all had a great time! I loved seeing the magic in their eyes and can't wait to go back! We also were able to visit with our friends Erika and Tim in Orlando. Then with Heather in Jacksonville before we took off! It was a memorable weekend!


Fun in the sun!

Total daddy's girls
Going down the lazy river
What the sun can do to kids!
Leaving for Disney!
Emery tried to be a trooper and let me take her picture!

Donald Duck and friends!
They were totally enthralled in the Cinderella magic!