Saturday, August 9, 2008

My twin sister is expecting her 2nd little girl and we are now anxiously awaiting little Lauren Elisabeth's arrival to this world! A little less than 7 weeks to go! We were hoping for a boy but we get the hint (finally...maybe) that God doesn't think we can handle a boy!!! We had her baby shower last weekend and had a great day celebrating Kristi, this baby, and her Big Sister! Here are a few pictures from the day!

Yummy Cake!!
Kristi's Menu and little goodies!
Ready for the guests to arrive!
Beautiful flowers and a snapshot I got of Kristi
Oma and Kayden
Proud Big Sister!!!!
My beautiful twin!
Mom and Kristi



Amy said...

What a beautiful shower!! I wasn't aware that your sister was expecting!! Congrats to her!!

purplestar said...

Just had a minute to few your many blogs - these pictures turned out really well!!! and you can see the beauty!! just loved it - thanks for a wonderful day sister...