Monday, August 25, 2008

Working and 23!

As another year comes and goes & Kristi and I are 1 year older, I am always so very thankful to be able to share my birthday with my best friend! This time of year brings some sadness in that we lost our grandpa 2 years ago. But we have only the fondest of memories and one of the many is that with everyone of his birthday's celebrated he would turn his years around. So in memory of him Kristi and I celebrated our 23rd birthday!!! This year was a little different though. I'm not typically labeled a princess but the one princess thing that I do is I NEVER work on my birthday!!! This year turned out to be different and I had to work. But my family brought the celebration to work and we had a great lunch and our favorite homemade cheesecake! (Thanks mom!!!!)

Bestest Twins~

Someone in our family has to do the half mast eyes!
Nest year we'll have another girl addition!
My beautiful Mom, although I know she'll hate me for this picture!

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purplestar said...

What a great BD it turned out to be!!! And what a better person to share it with!!! too bad it looks like the blimp and slim shady in the pictures!!! :) - but seriously - the lunch was nice - yummy cheese cake - fun gifts and a nice afternoon with mom!!!