Thursday, October 30, 2008


I bought these boots for my niece Taylor about 7 years ago. She wore them and my sister tucked them away to save for the next child. We got them out for Kayden and I forced her to wear them a few times and then tucked them away again! Then I pulled them out for Emery and it was like handing her diamonds!!!! It truly has been hard some days to get her to wear other shoes! She loves them and wants to wear them ALL the time, including bed and church. No we never let her wear them to church but she possibly wore them to bed a few times!!!! :}  So here lately they have really started to stink..... I mean BAD!!! If she takes them off in the car we have to roll down the windows, she could care less because these are her favorites!!! So Wednesday night I decided it was retirement time (not to mention she wears a size 8 and these are 6's, don't ask me how she squeezes her feet into them!!) and we purchased a new pair of pink with white polka dots (or popa dots as she calls them)!!! Thanks goodness she is as pleased with them as the others, little does she know they are in the trash can!!!


Carving Pumpkins!!

We carved pumpkins last Sunday, Kayden has been sooooo excited about this for the WHOLE month of October!!! I was quite sure that we would be doing all of Emery's but she surprised us and wanted to clean out the inside of pumpkin and picked out how she wanted her pumpkin to be carved! We baked the pumpkin seeds after carving. Kayden loved this part and was excited to share them with her teacher the next day! 

We started carving pumpkins and I couldn't find Emery......I found her in the laundry room where she had snuck 2 packs of "chewy's" after I had told her NO!!!

Digging out the "guts"

Surprisingly she wanted to be a part of the cleaning process!!!

Helping Daddy carve

I think she wanted more candy and I said no.......I tell you there are some emotions going on in this house!!!! Sorry to my husband who has to deal with 3 woman!!!

Kayden's spooky cat!!!

Emery's spider

Kayden eating the pumpkin seeds we made!!! Yummy!!!!

Pumpkin Patch

If I haven't said this already FALL IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!! I love everything the crisp cool air, the smell of the clean (most of the time) air, the changing of leaves, I could go on and on. We took the girls to a pumpkin patch about 35 minutes from our house last Saturday afternoon. We've gone there for the last 3 years and they love it. They have a little petting zoo with horses, goats of all sizes, pigs, a little cow, chickens, and rabbits! The girls love to feed them. We also take a hayride out the pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins. They have a corn maze and then a little hay maze and rope maze! It's lots of fun!! 

The girls on the wagon before the hayride!

He loved the attention!
This took much coaxing from Auntie Kristi!!! Look at that tongue!!

Playing with the spider, Emery realized she took take the legs off!!
Kristi, baby Lauren, and Taylor

Us.....I think it will be many years before everyone is facing the camera AND smiling!!! We there together and that's what counts!!!
Their picks.....
Emery and Jon
Beautiful....Jon loved this tree and had to get a picture!
Dazed......the pumpkins put her under a spell!

Getting lost in the maze....

Playing in the leaves!!

After the pumpkin patch we did our weekly grocery shopping trip! The girls love when Jon can come with us because they get to ride in their own cart and he takes them on a VERY FAST (kinda makes me nervous) ride back out to the car! They scream with laughter and it's the best free fun for them!!!! Just funny to me what my Saturday nights have turned in to but I wouldn't change it for the world!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A visit with Grandma....

This afternoon we were able to all go spend the afternoon with Grandma, if I hadn't mentioned before she has been moved to a nursing home that has a rehab unit in it! So we are very focused on this being short term and her gaining much strength while she is there!! She is visited by Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy daily!! This totally exhausts her but she gives it her all! She has so much determination!  Although she still needs lot of help with simple everyday things (that I SOOOO take for granted) she has made some big improvements from 1 1/2 weeks ago and we are very excited! Today, even though it was raining outside, she wanted to go outside in her wheelchair. There was a cool breeze and she usually stays inside on days like this but today we could not get her back and I were shivering!!!

This is a great picture and she is even learning how to smile again....
My little Emery is all about the frowns lately, although this one is frown/happy!
Always finding somewhere to play!
Sitting in the lobby
Holding the baby, she loves these moments right now when we can visit since she is not at her home!
Kayden catching rain drops on her tongue!
Gram and sweet! It's still hard for her to look straight ahead, her right side still is what works the best

Me and Gram
Kristi and Gram
Tonight as I post these pictures I type honestly as I have mixed feelings. I want and pray so hard that Jesus will feel me with gratefulness for the progress we get to see in her each day....grateful for her will to keep living and determination to get back all that she can!! She wants to go home so badly. But the impatient human in me just wants her old self back.....NOW!!!! I treasure our moments with her and pray that we can continue to bring sunshine into her life. More than anything I pray that I can be half the STRONG CHRISTIAN WOMAN that she still is today....even after a stroke! 

*Again on a side note I ask anyone reading this to continue praying for my friend Amber's family. Amber's funeral was today and I know her family is proud of the strong faith she had in God and are reassured that they will one day see her again in Heaven, but I know they have many hard days ahead. 

Jon's Work/Disney on Ice

We went, for the 3rd year, to Disney on Ice yesterday evening. The girls obviously love it and can't say the adults love it any less! It's fun to watch their excitement along with being together as a family doing something fun!! Before going, the girls and I met at Jon's work for a quick bite to eat, which is just down the road from the arena (were the event was held). 

Here is his office, it's a great old house (from the early 1900's)  that his boss has renovated! That cannon sits off to the side of the house. There used to be an actual fort here called Fortwood from the Cival War....bit of history for you!!!

There is a big tree out front and they put up a tree swing which the girls love to swing on AND it's big enough to share!

Posing in front of his work!!!
Being silly!

It was hard to get shots of all the ice skaters so we took just a few of the big blow up characters!
Aummie and Emery watching intently! 
Enjoying an snow cone out of a special Stitch cup!

Twin, Will, Tay
Mom and Lauren......she loved the show!!!
Aldigator (per Emery) from Peter Pan waiting to eat Captain Hook! It was a fun evening!