Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on Grandma

So I haven't really updated anyone on Grandma in a few days because nothing was really different. She has been really tired, sounding like she is snoring sleeping but when you call her name she quickly says "yes". She's had a feeding tube, still very little movement on her left side. She has been able to talk on the phone with family/friends. We've continued to pray that God's will will be carried out in her life. So, yesterday morning around 9ish I called into her room and was able to have a short conversation with her on the phone (I decided to try at day back at work). Then about 1 1/2 hours later mom called and said she didn't know what happened and wasn't saying she was dying but there was a definite change in her. She became unresponsive. The Dr, nurses, even mom could not wake her up. Nothing was even making her flinch. Even when she first came to the hospital and very tired/sleeping soundly she was still sqeezing our hands. They right away suspected she had had another stroke and ordered a repeat CT scan and stat ABG's (arterial blood gas's). Mom spent a little time praying with her, reading the Bible, and talking to her. Her breathing started to change a little, having short periods where she would stop breathing, mom again called and thought maybe she was not going to be here much longer. My sister, Kristi, arrived to the hospital around 11:30 and went up to her and started talking to her. Gram said "hi honey, I love you"!! (mind you she had not responded to ANYONE up until this point). Quickly after that she just seemed to all of a sudden wake up as if she had been sleeping very soundly and was able to talk the best she has since the stroke. Not back to her normal talk but way improved. She was able to lift both arms and move both legs, remember she was not really able to move her left side. She didn't remember this short time of being "out of it" and requested to start getting out of bed and wanted to eat. They pulled the feeding tube, she went for a swallow study and passed to be able to eat thicker liquids/softer foods. So by 7pm last night she had been up to the bedside commode (for #2!!, she stills has a catheter) and had eaten a baked potato with cottage cheese, sorbet, and some pears!!!! What a day!!! There is still a long road ahead of us but what a brighter picture God painted for us (especially mom who has stayed by her side) yesterday! Please continue to pray for her, for her recovery, strength, and happiness (mom said after that whole episode she cried hard about missing grandpa and her health). Thanks for checking in and for continued prayers!! 

****On a side note.... I have a friend who just turned 27 a couple days ago, is a wife, mother of 2 beautiful girls, a daughter, sister, friend, ect. She has been fighting breast cancer for 2 years now. She is the strongest girl and has shown amazing courage and strength through this journey. She came to peace with wanting to be taken off the ventilator yesterday morning and go to rest. She was able to say goodbye to her husband, girls, and family. She passed away yesterday afternoon. They thankfully have a very strong faith in God but could use a bizzillion prayers as this is obviously a bittersweet time. She is resting peacefully with no pain and cancer but is going to be greatly missed. She has been an amazing testimony of GOD!!!!

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