Thursday, October 30, 2008


I bought these boots for my niece Taylor about 7 years ago. She wore them and my sister tucked them away to save for the next child. We got them out for Kayden and I forced her to wear them a few times and then tucked them away again! Then I pulled them out for Emery and it was like handing her diamonds!!!! It truly has been hard some days to get her to wear other shoes! She loves them and wants to wear them ALL the time, including bed and church. No we never let her wear them to church but she possibly wore them to bed a few times!!!! :}  So here lately they have really started to stink..... I mean BAD!!! If she takes them off in the car we have to roll down the windows, she could care less because these are her favorites!!! So Wednesday night I decided it was retirement time (not to mention she wears a size 8 and these are 6's, don't ask me how she squeezes her feet into them!!) and we purchased a new pair of pink with white polka dots (or popa dots as she calls them)!!! Thanks goodness she is as pleased with them as the others, little does she know they are in the trash can!!!


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The Hadfields said...

That is so funny!! Isn't it bizarre what they become attached to? Sophie has some red sparkley flip flops (that I paid $2 at Children's Place for) that she still wants to wear, even in this 30 degree weather!! I'll be glad when she can't squeeze her foot into those!