Friday, October 24, 2008

Jon's Work/Disney on Ice

We went, for the 3rd year, to Disney on Ice yesterday evening. The girls obviously love it and can't say the adults love it any less! It's fun to watch their excitement along with being together as a family doing something fun!! Before going, the girls and I met at Jon's work for a quick bite to eat, which is just down the road from the arena (were the event was held). 

Here is his office, it's a great old house (from the early 1900's)  that his boss has renovated! That cannon sits off to the side of the house. There used to be an actual fort here called Fortwood from the Cival War....bit of history for you!!!

There is a big tree out front and they put up a tree swing which the girls love to swing on AND it's big enough to share!

Posing in front of his work!!!
Being silly!

It was hard to get shots of all the ice skaters so we took just a few of the big blow up characters!
Aummie and Emery watching intently! 
Enjoying an snow cone out of a special Stitch cup!

Twin, Will, Tay
Mom and Lauren......she loved the show!!!
Aldigator (per Emery) from Peter Pan waiting to eat Captain Hook! It was a fun evening!

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