Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins!!

We carved pumpkins last Sunday, Kayden has been sooooo excited about this for the WHOLE month of October!!! I was quite sure that we would be doing all of Emery's but she surprised us and wanted to clean out the inside of pumpkin and picked out how she wanted her pumpkin to be carved! We baked the pumpkin seeds after carving. Kayden loved this part and was excited to share them with her teacher the next day! 

We started carving pumpkins and I couldn't find Emery......I found her in the laundry room where she had snuck 2 packs of "chewy's" after I had told her NO!!!

Digging out the "guts"

Surprisingly she wanted to be a part of the cleaning process!!!

Helping Daddy carve

I think she wanted more candy and I said no.......I tell you there are some emotions going on in this house!!!! Sorry to my husband who has to deal with 3 woman!!!

Kayden's spooky cat!!!

Emery's spider

Kayden eating the pumpkin seeds we made!!! Yummy!!!!

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