Friday, October 24, 2008

A visit with Grandma....

This afternoon we were able to all go spend the afternoon with Grandma, if I hadn't mentioned before she has been moved to a nursing home that has a rehab unit in it! So we are very focused on this being short term and her gaining much strength while she is there!! She is visited by Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy daily!! This totally exhausts her but she gives it her all! She has so much determination!  Although she still needs lot of help with simple everyday things (that I SOOOO take for granted) she has made some big improvements from 1 1/2 weeks ago and we are very excited! Today, even though it was raining outside, she wanted to go outside in her wheelchair. There was a cool breeze and she usually stays inside on days like this but today we could not get her back and I were shivering!!!

This is a great picture and she is even learning how to smile again....
My little Emery is all about the frowns lately, although this one is frown/happy!
Always finding somewhere to play!
Sitting in the lobby
Holding the baby, she loves these moments right now when we can visit since she is not at her home!
Kayden catching rain drops on her tongue!
Gram and sweet! It's still hard for her to look straight ahead, her right side still is what works the best

Me and Gram
Kristi and Gram
Tonight as I post these pictures I type honestly as I have mixed feelings. I want and pray so hard that Jesus will feel me with gratefulness for the progress we get to see in her each day....grateful for her will to keep living and determination to get back all that she can!! She wants to go home so badly. But the impatient human in me just wants her old self back.....NOW!!!! I treasure our moments with her and pray that we can continue to bring sunshine into her life. More than anything I pray that I can be half the STRONG CHRISTIAN WOMAN that she still is today....even after a stroke! 

*Again on a side note I ask anyone reading this to continue praying for my friend Amber's family. Amber's funeral was today and I know her family is proud of the strong faith she had in God and are reassured that they will one day see her again in Heaven, but I know they have many hard days ahead. 

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The Hadfields said...

How nice, your grandma looks like a fighter!! I hope she continues to make improvements!!