Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kayden's Animals

Kayden was talking about an octopus yesterday and as she said it I started thinking she has her own names for a few animals and I had to list them! I won't be able to think of them all of course but will name the few I can! Bareza (Zebra), Optocus (Octopus), and Camingo (Flamingo). Oh how I wish they never grew older...... I have loved all the different stages.....minus the emotional fits that girls bring (of course I never had those!!! ha!!!) but sometimes I just want to put a hold on these sweet/funny little moments!!!!!

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Amy said...

So sweet. When Sophie first started talking she called my dad "Octopus" instead of "Papa Gus". Now all the little cousins call him that. They can say the cutest things, it's kind of sad when they start saying things correctly. :(