Friday, February 27, 2009

Tie Dyed Socks

I have said it before that I absolutely LOVE Kayden's teacher at her preschool! She not only teaches these kids sooooo much, has far more patience than I could even think about having ((19 5 y/o's in her class), but makes school fun.....something that Kayden looks so forward to going to! They did many fun things this month and one of the last was making tie dyed sock! We're gonna be really sad to say good bye in August!

6,5,4,3,2,and 1!!!

I've blogged before about our very much loved friends....the Highfields! They had to go out of town for business and we quite possibly could be saying good bye to them which completely breaks my heart and makes me soooo sad I just have to stay in denial about it......yet I am over joyed at this possibly wonderful opportunity for them!!! SOOOO with that being said they needed some help in taking care of their 4 kids and I volunteered Jon and I!!! In saying that we had in our care a 6 y/o, 5 y/o, 4 y/o, 3 y/o, 2 y/o, and 1 y/o!!!! ......and I'm here to tell of the tale....Jon and I weren't overtaken by 6 kids! We survived and did quite well! We had some outside time, ate all together for dinner, everyone got a bath, and bedtime went ok (do you really think 3 girls in 1 room is gonna make for a smooth bedtime.....girl please!!!)! We've started a tradition in our home that before dinner (and now it's turned into every meal that we eat together) we say 1 thing we are thankful for (it's become very enjoyable for doesn't have to be a life altering thankful....whatever comes to mind), so we had all the kids say their "thankfuls" before we ate dinner and it went a little something like this. Weston "I'm thankful that I get to play playstation and that my daddy doesn't ground me", Gracie Bleu...complete silence minus her greater than life smile she carries which was more than words could express, Luke "life", Emery "staying here" (meaning Highfields house), Kayden "life", and Hudson was more than likely thankful that he was getting to stretch out in his warm crib for the night, away for 5 loud older siblings/friends!! The kids always love getting together!

Sweet Hudson
Gracie Bleu and Emeny (as Gracie calls her) playing in the sand
Weston and Luke on the hammock....acting like they were tangled in a spider web!
I'm sad I can't produce another baby for this child because she is absolutely IN LOVE with any baby she can get her hands on!

All 5 kids lined themselves up for a minute of TV prior to dinner

3 GIDDIE girls before bedtime!!!!
Highfields.....we LOVE you and are happy for this possible new path in life!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We almost made it!!!

I believe I did WAY to much bragging here recently in that we were all 4 lucky to have escaped the stomach bugs and horrid colds that have been running rapid in our area!!! I spoke a little too soon and at 1 am Tuesday morning we were awaked by Kayden, who we thought had a bad dream, but upon touching her for head to soothe her we found a 102.8 hot kid!!! This little bug stuck with us for a few days and now besides a lingering cough we are "healthy" and hoping that I've cleaned ALL the germies out of this house!!!

Sick eyes....although this picture did no justice to the black circles that she carried around for a couple days!

Doesn't every kid deserve a sundae on the upward of feeling better?!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love for the DAD!!!

My dad has chosen NOT to be a part of my life which is another story and probably/maybe not for this blog. I'm sure he has guilt about it but when I see Jon interact with our girls I cannot imagine my own father not wanting to be part of sooooo many milestones in my life. ANYWHO!!! I am blessed with a husband who isn't bothered.....minus some huffing/puffing with the first taps on the shoulder at 5:30 am to get up and help me get the girls ready for school (on my work days) and also have my car warmed up or cooled off (depending on the season) and assist me in whatever I need to get out of the house (if that wasn't the worst run on sentence I don't know what is)!!!! He tucks each one into their carseat/booster and gives as many kisses/hugs as necessary to last for the day! This morning I had to catch the sweetness on camera!!! We love him and are so appreciative of all he does!!!

Also he is quite the sport about being taken over by 3 females.....3 of whom order him around on a daily basis I'm sure and 2 of whom want to play dress up, play girly things, fix his hair.....anything girly you can think of! So here Kayden has fixed his hair with some bows!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom....a year of "new"

Saturday was my Mom's Birthday and we are very thankful to have her in our lives and to be able to celebrate another year with her!!! We typically have a "special" weekend planned but this year was different as my grandma just passed away. She was not only VERY sad but had to move out of her apartment and into my grandparents house this weekend. Friday was spent moving things into the attic and rearranging furniture. We went to church together on Sabbath as a family and had a very nice lunch together. But as soon as the sun went down, preparation for the move then next day needed to begin.....not so party fun but had to be done!! My youngest sister came into town and surprised her.....needless to say a few tears shed but happy tears!!! We also want my grandparents house to become "her own" house and started this process for her by "redecorating" her guest bathroom. Silly me didn't take one picture but she loved it and it looks completely different!!! We moved Sunday and due to being completely blessed to be part of a wonderful church family it was a smooth/quick process. Because when mom called the church to put in a "thank you" request for the bulliten for everyone's prayers (during the loss of gram) the church secretary and mom began the end of the conversation she told mom that she would have some men over to her house by 8 am Sunday morning to help with the move. Meaning mom had to only pay for the U-haul (which is a whole other story as they bumped the price per mile down for mom)!!! God is sooooo very good and we are soooo very thankful to the people who came out to help us.  Monday we were able to spend the day together.....just the girls....starting out at the YMCA for a workout then to lunch for good food and lots of visiting! So not a typical Birthday weekend but none the less blessed by good family, love,  good food, a wonderful church family, and above all a GOD who is constantly present!!! 

Singing Happy Birthday
Blowing out candles....which is never a one person job if you have kids in the house!
Opening hand-made cards....from Emery
...and Kayden
Right after graduating from nursing my friend Erika found these great little apartments in North Chattanooga (built in the early 1900's) called Dallas Manor Apartments. She lived here for a little while, then I moved into her place when she moved out west. Then when mom moved here about 4 1/2 years ago we knew this was the perfect place for her as she loves old buildings/homes. This has become her "home". If you don't know exactly where to turn you'll miss the driveway which is completely enclosed with shrubs/trees on either side. So you feel like your living in your own little world....very private and safe.

Her bedroom, probably a favorite room as it's completely windows and mom LOVES sunlight!!
Old chandelier 
Dining room
Stain glass window in the hall staircase outside her door
They have very old...very cool elevators
There is a back staircase...leading off the Kitchen door, they were once used for servants and delivery's. So this is where milk and other items where delivered. 
Front door leading into the apartments

Small sitting area outside
Mom's door.....we sadly say good bye as this was a perfect starting place for her to live in Chattanooga but we are hoping for this to be a GREAT year for new beginings for her!!!
All our wonderful help from church.....Jon of course being completely silly and uncooperative!!! 

Saying good-bye to Auntie Karlie before she went back to Knoxville!

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Pink it Forward"

We have been privileged to become friends with a very special family.....the Ransom's. Their daughter, Emily Ransom, at the young age of 2 won her battle with cancer 3 years ago today. It is a type of caner that at this time "they" have not found a cure for and very few kids live through this horrible monster known as neuroblastoma. She was diagnosed in October of '05 and passed away 4 short months later....leaving the family absolutely devastated. While hospitalized my mom was privileged to take care of Emily and become very close friends with her and her family. So in turn they also have become our friends, almost as if they are a part of our family..... .we care for them so much. They didn't just say good-bye to their daughter and think nothing more of this cancer......they are fighting with all their might to find a cure and help other children with neuroblastoma to live. They do many things to raise money in order to find a cure, you can visit their sites at:  and also So today marks the date of her death and as they obviously morn and are very sad they also choose to honor her. They ask for as many people possible to wear any shade of pink today. The girls dressed up in different shades of pink today to remember her. Please continue to pray for this family as Emily's Aunt Carrie was killed a short time later in Knoxville, TN....only 24 years old. So they are not only remembering today but choose to have a whole month of Pink it Forward". This is from 2/20-3/19, they ask you to randomly do something unexpectedly nice for someone.....let them know it's in honor of 2 great girls and to pass on the nice act to someone else! We LOVE you Ransoms and continue to pray and support you!!!

I had to run today and chose my pink to be in my socks.....I'm  quite sure I ran faster!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

.....sweet reminders of love and imaginative girls!

It's NOT about a certain day to remind someone how much you love them that touches my heart....yet these little unexpected "somethings" that truly remind me what a lucky wife I am!!! This is what I found on the desk when I got home today!!! 

I also feel blessed that I have 2 kids with HUGE imaginations who need very little entertainment to keep them happy....for the most part!! While blogging this afternoon they came into my room, Kayden the happy dog owner taking her little doggy on a walk and Emery happy to be the dog walking around the house on all 4's with a leash attached to her dress!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Day!!!

So I've never been a HUGE Valentines's become such a huge money making holiday, like we need one "special day" to show how much we love someone! We try to do that anyways through out the year. But it seems children have a special holiday that sticks out in their minds and for my girls it's heart day! Last year I made a special dinner and we ate by candle light and had flowers! That night was the MOST special night for them, so it's now a tradition!!! We had our special dinner Friday evening!

Just a couple little small gifts= 2 soooo very happy girls!!!
Fresh flowers always makes the house seem special! I found tiny red vases at Pier One for under $1 and so each person had a vase by their plate!!
I found heart pasta....

Good food!
Suckers with lips on the ends.....Emery would suck on it...take it out and ask "are my lips bigger now"?!!!
Always love for their daddy!
Sabbath we spent the day with my family.....we had a fun afternoon! 
Gift from Auntie.....every princess needs eye covers!!!
Big wash cloth and foam soap from Aumie!
Emery kissing her frog in hopes her prince charming pops up!!!!!
Yummy Rice Krispie treats that Aumie slaved over!!!! :)
Then on to Grans and Papa's house for more Valentine's!!!
Balloon's from Mamaw Rogers! do you eat your Oreo's???

Sad day to fun evening

Some of you know that this last Tuesday afternoon Jon's grandma passed away. It was unexpected although she had some health issues and wasn't getting younger.....but none the less it was very sad (not to mention going through another death after my grandmother just dying a few weeks ago). Almost 32 years ago she lost her husband very unexpectedly and 2 months later her son (which was my father-in-law's twin brother) was killed. With that being said she's been ready for many years to go and so for her this good, she went peacefully. My heart has been heavy with sadness and scared that someone else may die....I'm sure these are normal grieving signs. I want to ready more than ever to go to Heaven and be with family and friends that have passed away. So after the funeral Thursday we went home and all 4 of us took an afternoon nap which was much needed. The weather was beautiful that day and so we decided to get outside....nature has some way of brightening up the spirit!!

Emery swinging!
Kayden trying to get as high as possible!!!
....doesn't everyone wear sparkly shoes to the park? the feeling of cold sand on feet!!!
....beautiful sky and you can see the steeple of our church, a beautiful reminder that God never leaves our sides no matter the situation!
Kayden practicing her photography, right after she gave herself a small goose egg on her forehead from hitting herself with the camera!

......having fun jumping off rocks!

I love nothing more than not spending a single dime and being out in nature and it being the BEST day ever!!! As we were driving home that night Kayden said, "this was the greatest night"!!! Priceless treasured times!!!