Friday, February 20, 2009

"Pink it Forward"

We have been privileged to become friends with a very special family.....the Ransom's. Their daughter, Emily Ransom, at the young age of 2 won her battle with cancer 3 years ago today. It is a type of caner that at this time "they" have not found a cure for and very few kids live through this horrible monster known as neuroblastoma. She was diagnosed in October of '05 and passed away 4 short months later....leaving the family absolutely devastated. While hospitalized my mom was privileged to take care of Emily and become very close friends with her and her family. So in turn they also have become our friends, almost as if they are a part of our family..... .we care for them so much. They didn't just say good-bye to their daughter and think nothing more of this cancer......they are fighting with all their might to find a cure and help other children with neuroblastoma to live. They do many things to raise money in order to find a cure, you can visit their sites at:  and also So today marks the date of her death and as they obviously morn and are very sad they also choose to honor her. They ask for as many people possible to wear any shade of pink today. The girls dressed up in different shades of pink today to remember her. Please continue to pray for this family as Emily's Aunt Carrie was killed a short time later in Knoxville, TN....only 24 years old. So they are not only remembering today but choose to have a whole month of Pink it Forward". This is from 2/20-3/19, they ask you to randomly do something unexpectedly nice for someone.....let them know it's in honor of 2 great girls and to pass on the nice act to someone else! We LOVE you Ransoms and continue to pray and support you!!!

I had to run today and chose my pink to be in my socks.....I'm  quite sure I ran faster!!!

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