Monday, February 2, 2009

Petey comes to visit...

Kayden has a wonderful Pre-school teacher and she is always finding fun ways to teach the kids. For the month of January the kids each got a chance to "be teacher for the day" and also take home Petey the Penguin! Kayden was lucky and was chosen to bring Petey home this last Friday, which meant she had him for the whole weekend! Petey was to experience life with Kayden.....he went wherever she went and did whatever she did!!!!

Petey was instantly turned into a girl when she got home.....duh of course Petey would be a girl!!!! Kayden also had her dressed in various outfits throughout the weekend!

Before going to church on Saturday! Petey ate a little too much for breakfast and her dress was quite snug!!!
A quick post Monday morning prior to Petey returning to school!

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greenchickadee said...

I'm sure this goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Your girls are CUTE! I still have frozen in my memory when you came down for Beth's holiday party when they were really little, but they look the same, only bigger! Love the idea of being teacher for a day. I think we'll have to try that!