Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sad day to fun evening

Some of you know that this last Tuesday afternoon Jon's grandma passed away. It was unexpected although she had some health issues and wasn't getting younger.....but none the less it was very sad (not to mention going through another death after my grandmother just dying a few weeks ago). Almost 32 years ago she lost her husband very unexpectedly and 2 months later her son (which was my father-in-law's twin brother) was killed. With that being said she's been ready for many years to go and so for her this good, she went peacefully. My heart has been heavy with sadness and scared that someone else may die....I'm sure these are normal grieving signs. I want to ready more than ever to go to Heaven and be with family and friends that have passed away. So after the funeral Thursday we went home and all 4 of us took an afternoon nap which was much needed. The weather was beautiful that day and so we decided to get outside....nature has some way of brightening up the spirit!!

Emery swinging!
Kayden trying to get as high as possible!!!
....doesn't everyone wear sparkly shoes to the park? the feeling of cold sand on feet!!!
....beautiful sky and you can see the steeple of our church, a beautiful reminder that God never leaves our sides no matter the situation!
Kayden practicing her photography, right after she gave herself a small goose egg on her forehead from hitting herself with the camera!

......having fun jumping off rocks!

I love nothing more than not spending a single dime and being out in nature and it being the BEST day ever!!! As we were driving home that night Kayden said, "this was the greatest night"!!! Priceless treasured times!!!

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Charisa said...

Ohhhh such a fun day after so much sadness! Hope there are no more funerals for you for a long long long time!!