Thursday, February 26, 2009

We almost made it!!!

I believe I did WAY to much bragging here recently in that we were all 4 lucky to have escaped the stomach bugs and horrid colds that have been running rapid in our area!!! I spoke a little too soon and at 1 am Tuesday morning we were awaked by Kayden, who we thought had a bad dream, but upon touching her for head to soothe her we found a 102.8 hot kid!!! This little bug stuck with us for a few days and now besides a lingering cough we are "healthy" and hoping that I've cleaned ALL the germies out of this house!!!

Sick eyes....although this picture did no justice to the black circles that she carried around for a couple days!

Doesn't every kid deserve a sundae on the upward of feeling better?!!!


Heather Figueiredo said...

those sad little eyes say it all!

Jeff and Jess said...

You are the coolest mommy!! Yes every child deserves a sundae if they are feeling better. And back to your comments about borrowing one of my boys...only if I get one of your girls!! :)