Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Day!!!

So I've never been a HUGE Valentines's become such a huge money making holiday, like we need one "special day" to show how much we love someone! We try to do that anyways through out the year. But it seems children have a special holiday that sticks out in their minds and for my girls it's heart day! Last year I made a special dinner and we ate by candle light and had flowers! That night was the MOST special night for them, so it's now a tradition!!! We had our special dinner Friday evening!

Just a couple little small gifts= 2 soooo very happy girls!!!
Fresh flowers always makes the house seem special! I found tiny red vases at Pier One for under $1 and so each person had a vase by their plate!!
I found heart pasta....

Good food!
Suckers with lips on the ends.....Emery would suck on it...take it out and ask "are my lips bigger now"?!!!
Always love for their daddy!
Sabbath we spent the day with my family.....we had a fun afternoon! 
Gift from Auntie.....every princess needs eye covers!!!
Big wash cloth and foam soap from Aumie!
Emery kissing her frog in hopes her prince charming pops up!!!!!
Yummy Rice Krispie treats that Aumie slaved over!!!! :)
Then on to Grans and Papa's house for more Valentine's!!!
Balloon's from Mamaw Rogers! do you eat your Oreo's???

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The Hadfields said...

Fun family tradition. This was the 1st year that Sophie got the idea of Valentine's Day, so maybe next year we'll plan a "romantic" family dinner or the 3 of us!!
Hope the holiday helped brighten things up for you guys!! :)