Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love for the DAD!!!

My dad has chosen NOT to be a part of my life which is another story and probably/maybe not for this blog. I'm sure he has guilt about it but when I see Jon interact with our girls I cannot imagine my own father not wanting to be part of sooooo many milestones in my life. ANYWHO!!! I am blessed with a husband who isn't bothered.....minus some huffing/puffing with the first taps on the shoulder at 5:30 am to get up and help me get the girls ready for school (on my work days) and also have my car warmed up or cooled off (depending on the season) and assist me in whatever I need to get out of the house (if that wasn't the worst run on sentence I don't know what is)!!!! He tucks each one into their carseat/booster and gives as many kisses/hugs as necessary to last for the day! This morning I had to catch the sweetness on camera!!! We love him and are so appreciative of all he does!!!

Also he is quite the sport about being taken over by 3 females.....3 of whom order him around on a daily basis I'm sure and 2 of whom want to play dress up, play girly things, fix his hair.....anything girly you can think of! So here Kayden has fixed his hair with some bows!


The Hadfields said...

Sweet post Kera!! Jon is a lucky man! And you're right, your dad WAY missed out.

Charisa said...

Oh so sweet :)