Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holes in ears!!!

Kayden came running up to me a couple nights ago requesting to have her ears pierced!!! I told her that she was going to have to take that up with her daddy. So in her ever so charming hanging on his legs way she asked the question. He, of course, said yes! He must have asked a million times if she was sure and she kept assuring him that yes she was! We even watch a video on UTube of a little girl getting her ears pierced which made her even more sure!!! So we took her last night after I got off work. She had to have her American Girl doll (Kit Kitridge, that's her real name) along for support. She was really brave, after the first ear that little bottom lip quivered for all it was worth and I know she wanted to cry but didn't! She was telling everyone after it was done that she got her earsis pierced, diamond flowers with white gold is what she said!!!! Jon quickly felt like he was loosing his baby, it was sad! He made her promise last night that she would always be his little girl.  

A little blurry but Jon signing his name a hundred times....just for a piercing!!!!
Pre-piercing with her support system Kit!!!!
Daddy and Emery watching, she looks worried and I really think she was. She cried on and off in support of her big sister!!! I asked her if she wanted her ears pierced and she said "I too wittle"!!!
Getting her marker dots for perfect placement
Painful!!! You can see she is trying to push the girls hand away!

Right after, not so sure yet as to why she wanted to inflict this pain upon herself!!!

About 10 minutes after and TOTALLY sure that she made the right decision! She was posing in the mirror and for the camera 

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The Hadfields said...

Awww..that is a special moment for little girls. And how sweet that John came along too! My friend and I were just talking about our girls and ear piercings today!! She seems like she's just the right age. What fun.