Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween '08

A few days behind!!! Please forgive me! Halloween was also our 4 year anniversary!!!! We're not huge Halloween people so we didn't really think down the road that instead of a candle light dinner we'd be out trick or treating!!! The weather was perfect, it turned out to be just the 4 of us and we had a GREAT night!!!

Our little bumblebee and feisty kitty (I thought Kayden was gonna be a cute little kitty and secretly she told Jon (who painted her face) that she wanted to be feisty!!!)

Our trick or treating gang!
Back Row: Garrett and Ethan (Tay's friends) and Taylor
Front Row: Kayden and Emery
Jon's Parents who stopped in before we left the house to say hi to the girls!
A puzzled bee!

Stopping for quick picture!

....not excited about picture taking....MORE CANDY!!!

Goopy eyes!!!!
She came home....dumped her bag out, took 1 lick or 1 bite and then on to the next piece!!
Kayden was totally exhausted, she had her Halloween party at school that day also. She came home from trick or treating....took a shower to get all the paint off....ate a cupcake from school (not 1 piece of candy)....laid down on the couch and passed out!!!

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