Friday, November 14, 2008

New headbands and a hurt toe!

Kayden has still been using her sleeping star chart and it continues to be a huge success!! So after 25 nights of going to bed without difficulty it was time to go pick another prize! The choice for both of them without any convincing from me was headbands from the Gap! I won't complain either when the prize was a wopping $3.50!! (thanks to Amy Hadfield, if you're reading this, who sent me a coupon!!) It's fun to watch their fashion choices, I often wonder if they'll be complete opposites or just the same!!

Just had to throw this in as sometimes they are just overcome with love for each other!!!
Kayden chose a shimmery silver one!
Sorry about her booger picking....that's a whole other blog in and of itself as this is one of her many past times!!! But she chose a great 70's style one! Love it!!!
Then lets talk about me for a minute! My little Emery Grae is not the graceful of girls....hoping dance will turn that around for her! She falls for no reason, trips when there is nothing to trip on, and the list could go on and on!!!! So I have often wondered where her lack of grace comes from?! But as I was taking a picture of my  hurt toe it hit me that she quite possibly could get this from me as this is the 2nd time in, maybe 2 months, that I am now blogging about a hurt "something" on my body!! Kayden was calling for me to come get her yesterday morning and as I was running through the house, trying to avoid her waking up her sister, I totally ran my baby toe into the door frame! I think it hurt soooo much it didn't even hurt if that makes any sense at all! I'm quite sure it's broken but I'm more disturbed by the bruising! Thank goodness that flip flop season is over!

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Amy said...

Thanks for the shout-out!! ha! I love the headbands!! And I'm so glad you used your discount! I went today as well and saved almost $50, YAY!!