Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day at the Christmas Market!

I know it's not even Thanksgiving and I used the word Christmas on this blog!! I met my mom and twin sister this morning to go to the annual YMCA Christmas Market at the convention center downtown. We decided we needed a non stress day and to be together!! They draw names for gifts from the various vendors throughout the day. The year before last my sister won a gift, last year I won a gift, and so this year we were sure it was mom's turn but NO it was ME again!! I got a very cute pair of earrings! It was a fun few hours spent together! 

This morning as I was getting the girls ready for school Kayden calls for me to come into the bathroom to get her picture and this is how I find her posed!!! So funny!
Are we are mothers daughters or what?!
Having some fun trying on sunglasses!
My sweet little baby niece, 7 weeks now and getting bigger by the day!
Caught her in the biggest yawn even though she slept all 3 1/2 hours we were there!
Sweet little hands....
We tried so hard to get her to smile and this was the best we got!

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Amy said...

How fun! I love that you and your sister and mom are so close!! And I love your little neice; she is a doll.

By the way... How did you get that color in the b/w pic of your mom??