Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving= Pig Out Day!!!

Jon's brother just bought a house a couple months ago and so this year we spent Thanksgiving at there! Thanksgiving was my holiday to work but I was called of the ENTIRE shift (THANK YOU L&D!!!) and feel very blessed to have spent the day with my family!! 

Thanksgiving aprons
Always being silly
....sometimes a little lovey!!
With there mamaw (Jon's grandma)...she just gave them each money!! She actually gave Kayden a $5 bill but when she went to give Emery 5 $1's Kayden thought Emery was getting more money and they each ended up with $3....and quite excited about it!!!
Watching uncle Adam get the turkey ready....quite funny as they were watching with Jon's grandma they kept saying gross!!! His grandma kept telling them, "it's ok we won't eat it until it's cooked"! Kayden kept Mamaw we don't eat meat!!!! They had their own special Tofurkey which was pretty good!
With Papa and Gran (Jon's parents)'s quite impossible for Em to pose with a smile and poor baby Lauren looks stunned!!! All in their Thanksgiving aprons/bib!

Squeezing daddy's cheeks off!!
Adam and me
Me and my Tay! She looked so cute and quite girly I might add AND she loved the outfit!!!
Sweet little Lauren Elisabeth....sucking her 2 middle fingers just like her big sissy!
....watching a movie in uncle Adam's bed
Fam shot! I'm pretty cheesy in many of these shots...guess happy to be with my family!
Seriously riding her bike!


Charisa said...

LOVE the pic of her riding her bike!!! :)

Erika Reiner said...

Super cute pics!!!! Love the aprons! They seem to be growing soooo fast now! what is happening???