Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Saturday night we went over to our friends' house, the Gerhke's, to have a little get together for Jon's Birthday which is actually tomorrow!! It was a very cold night along with some rain but we stayed nice a warm with the blazing fire!!

The GREAT fire 
Some silliness begins!!
Jon and Adam used to have Olan Mill pictures taken when they were younger so they wanted to redo those pictures....just several years later!!!
Of course then all the guys had to join in!! Adam, Jon, Steve, and Chris
Stephanie (Chris's wife) made Jon cupcakes for his b-day and surprised him!! You guys are sooo sweet! Thanks for a fun evening!
Blowing out the candles
Cupcakes after a few raindrops hit them!
Steph and Me
Leigha and me! I totally looked sunburned but that fire was PIPING hot!!!
Leigha, me, and Stephanie
Jon and Ben laughing at each other!!
Adam trying to avoid the paparazzi!!! 


Kristiana Zimmerman said...

My fav is my brother in law and Adam with their hands on top of each other!!! - I LOVE IT!!! It's hot!!!

Charisa said...

OMG I'm totally laughing at the Olan Mills pics - those are hilarious! :)

kera said...

Ya there's only certain people who get the humor!!! There have been a few people who truly think it's serious!!