Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cuban black bean patties and pineapple quinoa!

I hear parents ALL the time talking about how it's hard to get their kids to eat a diversity of foods. From the time the girls were baby's I made it a point to try ALL kinds of different foods so we wouldn't be making mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets for every meal. We decided to feed them a vegetarian diet and as much organic food as we are able to afford which isn't always too much but milk is a constant! Along with that we try to avoid as much processed food as's hard to avoid it completely but we do our best. If they choose later they want to eat meat then that is their prerogative but for now they are perfectly content with their killed-animal-free-diet!! Not to say they don't sit down to the table and say the typical "I don't like that" or "yuck" or "I don't want to eat that" BUT I am NOT a short order cook either!!! So the rule is you have to try it and at least eat your veggies.....more than not if I can get them to try a bite their plates are cleaned off!!! I eat meat once in a great while and Jon was raised on ALL kinds of meat. So it's has been somewhat of a challenge to make meals that will satisfy Jon's palate but stick with our vegetarianism! I am very proud of Jon because he has really changed his diet without too much of a fuss. 

This was our meal Friday evening: Cuban Black Bean Patties with Pineapple Quinoa and asparagus...delish!!!


Charisa said...

Oh man, it's actually probably good we do not live closer because I think I would come to your house to eat ALL the time!!! Healthy veggie food - nothing better :) Those girls are going to grow up to be super smart :)

greenchickadee said...

Oh my gracious that looks delish! I have quinoa and I use it often, but the pineapple? Who would have thunk it! And I'm SO with you on feeding kids what you want them to eat. We don't have the option of chips and soda around here. So true. You just make the food and expect them to eat it!

Erika Reiner said...

Hey, I just switched our pasta to Quinoa pasta...have you tried it? I'd love the cuban black bean recipe. I bought this book called "Living on Live food". This lady who for all intents and purposes should have died from her cancer, but between the miracle from God and swearing to this book she is alive. I have heard this before and heard of cancer and health enthusiasts talk about raw diets 80/20 (80% cooked, 20% raw). I am just starting to read it. Not sure i can go completely to this level, but to try and incorporate healthy important! Processed is very bad!