Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Flowers and Guitar Pickin'!

For Mother's Day this year I wanted to try to give the Mom's in our lives something that the girls and I could make together! I'm not a sewer......I aspire to be day but for now I have to get creative in other ways! I found a little article showing how to make these flowers and we just added our own creative touches to them! We picked paper to match each person's room colors and actually used buttons that my grandmother had (which were quite old but came in handy just for this project)! They turned out cute.....we think!

From left to right: My mom's, Jon's mom, Jon's grandmother, and my sister! 
One up close just to get the idea!
Jon is wanting to learn to play the guitar and so he borrowed one from his friend. So while we were finishing up our flower project last night the girls took turns sitting in his lap picking away!! 


The Hadfields said...

I love the homemade flowers! You are so creative, Kera. My husband is a guitar player and it's pretty sexy, so encourage that hobby all the way!! ;)

Heather Figueiredo said...

Great idea Kera! The best part is the flowers won't die! Happy Mothers Day to you!!!!! HUGS