Monday, May 11, 2009

Pink Bandana Ball!!!

Saturday night we had the privilege to attend the 3rd annual Pink Bandana Ball. It benefits Emily's Power for a cure which you can learn more about here. We had a blast even through the sadness of what this represents.... a child lost to cancer. There is a silent and live auction, a mechanical bull to ride, digging for gems, and more! We saw a few friends there.... the evening was beautiful! 

This is Lauren, a friend of the Ransom's and also happens to work at the girls' school! We love her!!
Mom and I "diggin" for gold! Hoping for the best!!! We both actually got got a jade and I got an opal! 
Valerie and I....this ones for you Heath! We wanted you to be jealous that we were having some fun without you! Ha!!!
A great friend of ours...Marcy and of course my sister!
Had to throw this funny picture in....not too flattering but funny none the less! We were trying to get Jon to take a picture and he wasn't cooperating to well!
Much better!

Me, Wendy (which is Emily's mom and a SUPER WONDERFUL LADY whom we love), Mom, and Kristi
I think we look more alike with the passing of years!
Another friend Robert (we've been friends since high school, his married to Marcy who is pictured above) who is hilarious and we rarely get to hang out! 

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Charisa said...

Fun pics. Robert looks fun as always :)