Thursday, May 28, 2009


We arrived home Tuesday afternoon to see a package sitting on our doorstep.....patiently waiting to be opened!!! I knew I hadn't ordered anything and so then the next assumption was it must be daddy!!! I was excited to see that it had my name on it and the girls were sure it was a present for them!!! We barely made it to the top of the steps, all three of us plopped down to the ground and tore into the box!!! We were soooo excited to find lots of hand-me-down clothes from the girls' cousin, Katchya, from Michigan!!! Kayden instantly tried on 3 outfits and Emery snagged a pair of PJ's! LOVE LOVE LOVE getting mail......old school style!!! This afternoon was like Christmas in May! We LOVE you Berner's and thanks for the clothes, shoes, and tights! They will be put to GREAT use!!!

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