Sunday, May 3, 2009


Just some randomness that I thought I'd post! 

The girls' school have teacher appreciation this coming week and each child had to write what they appreciate about their teachers. The girls both have wonderful teachers and we love them all!

This is Emery's....of course with mommy holding the pen with her for assistance! 
Kayden' hard to read some of it because I was trying to get her to sound the words out. It says: I love you. They do circle time with me. They tell me what to do for art. They do fun things with me. 

Jon and Emery wrestling which is typically a daily occurrence. She tells Jon "do that hiyaw" which translated to him grabbing her arms and then sweeping his leg under both of hers so she goes down to the ground!!
It's been raining lots.....AGAIN and so yesterday after church we decided to head to the Y and swim some wiggles out! I wanted to take a quick shot before we left and ended up with Kayden wanting to do a photo shoot! 

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