Friday, April 24, 2009

shaky nerves!!!

Jon and I are just about ready to hit the road to Nashville!!! I've been training now for just about 15 weeks for my 1st 1/2 Marathon!!! I have a gamete of emotions right now! I'm very excited and feel that I am well prepared! I also am scared and have some self doubt and that comes more from a personal time goal that I have set for myself when really I should just have a personal goal of finishing!! I also was very tearful this morning leaving my girls.....not sure where that came from. Jon and I are usually ok with leaving them for a few days, especially because they are in good hands (with both sets of grandparents). So if anyone is reading this pray that I will be calm and pray that God will give me endurance to finish this race and that I will find some SELF BELIEF!!!! I am excited too because I am meeting up with some high school/college friends! We should have a fun weekend!!

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The Hadfields said...

Good luck girlie. I wish we could run into each other too. We'll be in Nashville this weekend for a friend's wedding shower. I'll e-mail you my #, I think I've misplaced yours...again!! Good luck!