Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Roller Skating....

OK people....who went roller skating in the 80/90's???!!! Uuuhhhh MMMEEEE!!! So when Kayden got an invite from school for a birthday party at the skating rink it was definitely a family affair! We were all pretty excited! For real I was almost in the floor laughing at all the parents who obviously haven't had a pair of skates on in 15+ years....including myself!!! I probably was laughing harder at Jon who was pretty wobbly....then adding Kayden to it set my laughing into a fit! We had fun and have plans to return!!

I must say for me it was like riding a bike, it took a couple minutes but I quickly remembered!

Kayden had a really hard time at first trying to figure out how to move without falling, by the end she got better. I was laughing at her and thank goodness she was able to laugh at herself too!

Emery on the other hand maybe fell 2 times, I'm not sure if it's cause she was closer to the ground or PRO SKATER!!! Really I'm kidding, but she did good!

Who can forget the roller skating rink's truly one of a kind! I'm sure I had no business letting her get her hands all over that nasty carpet but anyways!!!

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The Hadfields said...

Fun!! My friend from high school's dad owns that place! (Carrie Proctor) It got built when we were in high school but we sure spent lots of time growing up at the ones in Hixson and Cleveland!! SOOO funny to think back on now.