Tuesday, April 21, 2009

....."you must be the best mom"

Woke up this am to the sun beaming through the window shades and knew we would be heading outside to do something! The girls are usually pretty civil with each other but this morning was one of those off days where I felt like I was threatening each of them to spend the rest of their day in their room and we would do NOTHING FUN AT ALL!!! "Oh I promise I'll be good" is the response I got and then back to the sister fights they'd go!!! This left me feeling like a horrible mom.....why do they fight when we're headed out for some fun, is it me??? We made it out the door because realistically I knew being inside would do nothing for ALL our moods but make them worse! We started out at the library for story time/craft time and "rented" a few books! We then headed outside to the park where everyone's moods were quickly lifted.....sun beaming down and a nice breeze to just settle these girls down (including myself), shoes off, sand toys out, playground with endless possibilities, quilt laid out on cool grass, books to read, lunch to eat as you please......smiles and laughter to fill a mother's heart! As the girls took off a little boy walked up watching them run off to play. He then said "hey they're not wearing shoes"!!! I said "I know"! He said "are you the best mom ever??? Do you ALWAYS say yes??" I said NO not to everything but what can dirt/sand hurt?" He walked away a little puzzled,  it made my day though......as I thought back to our morning at home feeling a little less than the "best mom"!!! But for them maybe a few hours outside barefoot made up for a little craziness at home! 

On the way home from our "outing" Kayden all of a sudden said...."I don't feel good"!! For some reason she had that look that she was gonna puke. I kept asking "are you ok? are you ok?" and she continued to reassure me that she was. We pulled into the neighborhood, me thinking ppphhhew we're almost home when all of  a sudden the flood gates opened out of her mouth!!! Everyone got bath's, car cleaned, clothes in the washer. I HATE PUKE....I know I'm a nurse but I HATE IT!!! I really could gag myself! Please pray for me not to get sick too because I'm running my first 1/2 marathon this Saturday and I have trained to long/hard to not do this!!! Hoping it was just a fluke thing for her! 


Heather Figueiredo said...

sounds like a perfect day! minus the car incident :) hope Kayden gets well soon! and mommy stays well!

greenchickadee said...

OK, I'm just sayin' you ARE the best mom. Isn't it the little things that they remember when they're grown up anyway? You know me, I'd be right there with you letting them get sand in their hair and catch bugs and worms! Rock it mamma! Have more kids so they can grow up in your family too! :)