Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful weekend

It was a beautiful weekend and with no specific agenda we took advantage of being outside to enjoy the weather! Saturday afternoon after church we took a bike ride from Jon's parents house to a park in Collegedale called Imagination Station. There is a nice trail which makes it easy for biking, walking, running, ect. Kayden decided she wanted to ride her bike, I must admit I was a little doubtful that she would want to ride the whole way....there and back which is in total about a 4 1/2 mile ride. I thought she would get tired on the way back because we knew that we would take a break there and let the kids play at the park. But she surely proved me wrong!!! 

Emery in her seat which Jon and I would LOVE to ride in ourselves somedays! Jon takes her "off trail" and goes over little hills and bumps which she finds EXTREMELY fun!!

Prior to starting our biking adventure
Once she was able to see Jon's parents house from the road she was sooooo proud of herself that she had done this! The victory pose!!!

That evening we went up to our friends, the Highfields, the kids always have fun together....even if they don't fall asleep until 10 or later!!! 

These manly men showing off with a big game of thumb wrestling! Ha!!

We always have fun when we get together! 
Sunday the kids played outside for a big part of the day and then we headed over to my mom's for dinner and some more outside time! 

Yummy veggie white chicken chili my mom made us! 

Taylor keeps a scooter at mom's and Jon jumps on it every chance he gets.....he really wants a skate board again. We totally would need long term health insurance before that ever happens!!!
People were laughing that Em was wearing a helmet while riding this bike, hey you gotta be cool like your older sister!! Safety first! 

We also are determined to help this girl learn to ride without training wheels this summer. I love training wheels just like training pants. The both prevent accidents but I have to let them grow up some time....I guess???!!!

This is an old game board from my Grandma and the girls love it even though we don't really know how to play the game.....we just make one up. Mom pointed to  the number 23 and asked Kayden what # it was and she said  twenty three! Now maybe you have a 5 y/o and this is no biggie but we've been working on her recognizing double digits and being able to say 80 or 63, ect. Last night was as exciting for her as us! Another proud moment for her, needless to say she took the board home as she wants to show off her newest "learn" to anyone who will listen. 

I have to add that we have been working with Emery to be able to spell her name....and by that I mean saying the letters out loud. Well last night I asked to spell her name for mom and she did...E-M-E-R-Y!!! Oh the joys of  teaching them and then seeing them learn new things!!


Heather Figueiredo said...

oh my you took the training wheels off? Ashton is ready also, but just haven't taken the time (and the weather has been yucky). way to go brave Mama!

kera said...

This is not permanent. Jon put them back on after a short practice. We are just going to attempt to get them off this summer!!! It may not happen!!!

Charisa said...

That is a SWEET bike - I want an orange bike! :)