Monday, April 20, 2009


It has been raining like no body's business here in the beautiful state of TN!! I shouldn't complain because we were in somewhat of a drought last summer! It's no good for the outdoorsy people though!!! Anyways while Karlie was here 1 week ago it was of course raining and so we decided a little bowling might burn off some energy! We had fun laughing at each other and the kids!!! 

My beautiful sister and girls!
I'm sure that Kristi will want to frame this one!!!
The competitor of the group!
Kayd thought if she got a running start it might help.....not so much though!! You practically had to blow the ball down it moved SO slow!!! But she gave it her all!
I think this ball weighed about as much as Em but she was determined to carry it herself!
This was Em's little "helper"....helped soooo much I think she beat everyone!!! Strikes and spares galore!! 

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Cari said...

I love watching kids bowl! So much fun!

No, that pic of the snake isn't zoomed. I made sure I was standing behind it so it couldn't get me. At least I don't think snakes can move backwards!