Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sonrise '09

Sabbath before Easter Sunday we have for the past several years attended the "Sonrise" at Southern Adventist University (which is where I went to college). It is an actual walk thru and very real.....I don't want to use the word enjoyable for all ages but it truly captures the attention of both young and old. This year we were able to get tickets for the first walk thru of the day and we definitely will try our best to do this for future years. We were able to get close up to each scene and it made it all the more real. There are times that the scene's are quite graphic and Jon and I found ourselves wanting to shelter to the girls. But then realized that this is something they need to see, we read about this in the Bible and hear about it but it's ALL THE MORE to see it in person.....and this is just "acting". Jesus suffered SO VERY much for each of us. Tears rolled down my face on and off through the couple hours we were out there, just imagining all that he did just for me and for you. I pray that I can be more of a servant for Him and be ready for His GREAT return!!!!

We start out in the Collegedale Church and you see glimpses of current events.......very sad. Parents loosing their children, house foreclosures, school shootings, fires, gang activity, drinking/drugs, homelessness, ect.  I know that I feel very heavy and sad when I think of each of my family's/friends burdens but to think that Jesus knows and carries each of our burden's is just totally mind boggling for me. After each "scene" is lit up angels start walking down the long isles of the church to each set up people.....candles are lit and Jesus comes out to the stage and everyone is "healed". I cannot wait for that day!!!!

***If you have kids and are looking through these pictures together please look first as there are some graphic pictures.....at your discretion to allow them to see or not***

We then start the "walk thru".....starting with lots of animals for the kids to pet and on the opposite side the blind/crippled/people with leprosy begging for money.....
The girls were a little scare but didn't need too much encouragement to go give them some money.
We then started walking the streets of Jerusalem.....lots of different items for "sale".
A group of women selling wheat....I especially took this picture because the lady in the middle laughing is my best friend's (Heather Robberson) mom Sharon!!!
The Disciples bringing Jesus through the streets of Jerusalem on a donkey....
Making pottery 
Selling baskets 
While walking down the "street" a man called out "is that the Zimmerman lady's??"!!!! It was my coach from high school who I haven't seen since then!!! So just about 15 years! I almost cried, just one of those GREAT teacher's who made your high school the BEST it could possibly have been!!!! Great to see you Mr. Wilson!!!!.....and what a memory I might add!!

Jesus at the Last Supper with his Disciples 
The Disciples walking Jesus to the Garden of Gethsemane 
Jesus praying....His soul overwhelmed with sorrow. You can see satan in the black robe...
Jesus being taken to go before Pilate

Jesus being taken to be crucified 
Jesus walking with the cross
Judas after hanging himself
Jesus on the cross....sorry about the electrical wires.
Mary with Jesus prior to going into the tomb
Jesus coming out of the tomb....serious emotions during this part!!!!


The Hadfields said...

How neat!! I bet it is such a great experience to be reminded of the ultimate sacrifice in person! I bet your girls had lots of questions. :)

Heather Figueiredo said...

i love Sonrise! i hope to come back for it in the next couple years. the boys would love it!
how awesome to see Coach Wilson! i bet you were surprised!!

Cari said...

Did you guys see the baby zebra at SonRise? So cute!

Erika Reiner said...

I simply loved going to the Sonrise!!! I get a little teary looking at the pictures. So moving...There's this book called "seeing with new eyes" by Ty Gibson, you might really love it. I need to read it again actually. Very moving and a different view of the cross from possibly Jesus's perspective. The author is SDA but i think his view would touch any denomination. Love ya!