Friday, June 19, 2009

Toofless wonder!!!

We have had quite the eventful week of doctor and dentist appointments! On Monday Kayden had her 5 year check up (a little late)/physical for kindergarten! That meant shots.....4 of them with a possibility of needing to come back for a 5th one! I thought this was going to be quite traumatic and so we went..... just the 2 of us! She was beyond FANTASTIC and didn't shed a single tear, so ice cream was enjoyed that afternoon! Then yesterday we went back to the doctor for Emery's 3 year check up (also late!!!) where she and Kayden both recieved a shot! Emery also did GREAT and also did not cry! They are both VERY healthy girls and are proving to have TALLNESS in their futures......especially Emery who is 95% in her height! No stopping there.....we moved right on to the dentist where Kayden had a tooth pulled. **Let me just tell the tale of what brought us to this day! When she was about 18 months old she was playing on a wooden highchair at daycare and fell. It knocked her tooth out enough to be quite noticeable (hanging down farther than all her other teeth along with having turned a greyish/yellow) yet not enough that it fell out. So for the last 4 years we have frequented the dentist office for them to keep a close eye on it. On her last visit it had become quite loose and was starting to hurt and so they informed us it was time to have it pulled.** She did get some meds before along with laughing gas and again did great! She got sick on the way home but slept the medication off and is back to her normal self this morning! 

Her first missing tooth but not quite the way we anticipated her 1st tooth to come out....

TF (tooth fairy) came to visit and left a little note along with a few dollars....even and little fairy dust was left behind! What a sweet lady she is!!!


The Hadfields said... tears? What a big girl! She would look adorable with NO teeth! :)

Heather Figueiredo said...

5 shots & a tooth gone & not a tear??? I can't believe it. Ashton cried forever with the shots!! Boys are soft :)

kera said...

If she cried I PROMISE I would have said! That's why I scheduled her separate from Em....I think the Dr's office thought I was weird!!!