Friday, December 19, 2008

Visit with Karlie Beth

Last Sunday we had a family girls day! Mom, Kristi and her girls, me and my girls loaded up in a van and drove to Knoxville to visit my younger sister Karlie Beth!! I haven't seen Karlie in several months and it was the very best visit we've had in a long time....if not EVER! She won't be able to spend Christmas with us this year (but she is doing great things for her life currently!) and so she did Christmas for the girls along with their Birthday presents (since we have decided that the months of December and January are great times to birth babies!!!)! The girls obviously loved opening presents! 

Karlie and her neices! Mom got them elf hats which they loved!!!
Opening the Xmas present!
Emery was very excited about her Birthday present.....very first box of 64 BRAND NEW Crayons!!! Does anyone remember how BIG it was to get a brand new box of crayons?!!
Emery Grae and Karlie Beth
Of course Kayden has to pose....silliness!!!
....more silliness!
Karlie and mom
Big sqeeze good-bye!!

If you get to read this Karlie Beth I couldn't be more proud of you!!! I love you soooo very much! You are an amazing woman! You may not be with your "family" this year but you will remember this Christmas for years to come as a HUGE/GREAT turning point in your life! YOU should be so proud of yourself too!!!

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