Friday, December 19, 2008

Indoor Rock Climbing

Jon is very excited to have a rock climbing partner....Kayden!!! :}  Really though Kayden has been showing some interest in rock climbing and Jon has jumped at the chance to expose her to this! We decided to go as a family to an indoor rock climbing place in the area called TBA! I have never been rock climbing but I must say that I had a BLAST and have sore muscles that I never knew existed so I'll be going back for more!! Kayden has so much fun and Jon was simply in his glory of being able to something outdoorsy (although we were inside) with his family! Emery is not quite to the age of being as interested as Kayden but with time we'll see!

Jon and Kayden in action!
I had to keep taking breaks because it really is challenging and your muscles tighten up but she just keep going up and down....up and down!!!
Emery and this "rock" became BFF's!!! She could fit both hands on it, pull her legs up and hang. Thought she was also rock climbing!

Me and Kayd climbing up the wall....sorry about my not not so best side!!!


Heather Figueiredo said...

looks like a lot of fun! where is the harness???

kera said...

It's an indoor place, no need for a harness! We'll go when you guys come back....much fun!